BIA Separations Expands with New Upstream Processing Facility
Ajdovščina, Slovenia, 17 September 2018: BIA Separations, a leading biochromatography development and manufacturing company, announced the expansion of its services with the opening of a new upstream processing (USP) laboratory.

The investment in the new facility comes in response to customer demand for services that optimise the critical interface between upstream and downstream processing for the robust and scalable production of complex molecules and biologics, such as viral vectors, phages, and exosomes. The new USP facility will ensure biopharmaceutical manufacturing processing are developed and delivered to customers in an integrated way, with full coordination of critical steps, for example: upstream choice of cell line; source and supply of materials; bioreactor processing parameters and the consequential impact on downstream product purification; formulation; and stability profiles.

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  Breakthrough Symposium will take place in Fargo, North Dakota.   Pete Gagnon's article on hydrogen bond cromatography was published in GEN.   CSO of BIA had a presentation entitled "Requirements for platform purification of adeno-associated virus«  
The Breakthrough Symposium brings the best minds in biotech together to share knowledge, collaborate and discuss the advances in gene and cell therapy and gene editing.

Learn about novel developments in gene therapy to treat cancer. Discover the potential for gene editing and CRISPR/Cas9. Be inspired by the people who benefit from our industry’s breakthroughs, like Emily Whitehead.

This unique event is a platform to recognize the accomplishments in the field and a springboard for future success.

BIA Separations will attend the Breakthrough Symposium as a Golden Sponsor and you are kindly invited to meet company's representatives at booth #6.

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GEN is the most widely-read publication covering the hottest tools, techniques, and technologies in the biotechnology industry. With 37 years of publishing experience, GEN maintains unrivaled integrity, influence, and expertise that plays a pivotal role in driving the productivity and growth of the industry
Pete Gagnon, CSO at BIA Separations, wrote an interesting article on hydrogen bonding, finally being exploited as a primary adsorption mechanism.
Recent data show that hydrogen bond chromatography is not only feasible but offers unique practical attributes that ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and other modes of chromatography cannot. Among them: a high degree of salt tolerance and an ability to sort retained biomolecules by size.
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At this year’s Bioprocess International Conference (4–7 September 2018 in Boston), our CSO, Pete Gagnon presented requirements for platform purification of adeno-associated virus.

Viruses can be quite big, they are more vulnerable to shear forces, they are less tolerant of extreme chemical conditions, they are produced at dramatically lower concentrations, they have an elevated tendency to form stable non-specific assocations with contaminants and surfaces, and they are contaminated with empty particles.

This presentation explains why monoliths provide a tool box that is ideally suited to meet these challenges. And it shares a purification platform that accommodates the natural variability among AAV vectors.

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