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Unlock the Potential of the mRNA Vaccine Platform with Integrated Production Processes from E. coli to Highly Purified mRNA

Novel vaccine platforms such as mRNA enable the industry to meet its highest goals: decreasing footprint while increasing efficiency and throughput. However, to respond with agility and prepare for future outbreaks, the mRNA platform must be further optimized.
This presentation describes how Convective Interaction Media monoliths can be used to efficiently purify a board specter of mRNA and cover all production scenarios and it also illustrates fast in-process control methods using the PATfix system, which can ensure the rapid production of the safest possible Covid-19 vaccines while reducing manufacturing costs.

New poster - Using PATfix analytical HPLC platform to optimize lysis conditions in pDNA downstream processing
Optimizing processing steps in sc pDNA isolation is critical for obtaining good process yields as well as high product purity. HPLC with monolithic chromatography media offers a rapid analytical method to characterize complex biomolecular mixtures and gives immediate feedback during process development.
A new PATfix analytical HPLC platform presented here uses CIMac pDNA column, to separate and characterize plasmid from impurities, allowing for easy optimization of key parameters such as RNA removal.
New publication - Viral Clearance in a Downstream AAV Process: Case Study Using a Model Virus Panel and a Noninfectious Surrogate
Over the past decade, adenoassociated virus (AAV) vectors have become established as leading gene-delivery vehicles.
In 2017, the pipeline for gene therapies included 351 drugs in clinical trials and 316 in preclinical development. As those candidates advance, significant efforts are being made in process development and manufacturing for viral vectors, with the overall goal of reducing process impurities while maintaining the highest possible process yield.

To address that goal, industry suppliers have developed innovative AAV-specific separation technologies.
In the study reported herein, wthe authors addressed viral removal by performing scale-down–model spiking studies and measuring viral clearance using a clinically relevant AAV8 downstream purification process using the two-step chromatography process including our CIMmultus QA monolith in anion-exchange polishing.
Interesting publication - Purification of guanine-quadruplex using monolithic stationary phase under ion-exchange conditions
The current study investigates a method for purification of the G-quadruplex secondary structure, naturally formed by a guanine-rich 21-mer oligonucleotide strand using a monolithic convective interaction media quaternary amine (CIM-QA) column under ion-exchange conditions. The monolithic support was initially evaluated on a preparative scale against a highly efficient TSKgel SuperQ-5PW ion-exchange support designed for oligonucleotide purification. The CIM analogue demonstrated clear advantages over the particle based support on the basis of rapid separation times, while also affording high purity of the G-quadruplex.
Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are heterogenous membrane-bound vesicles released from various origins and they play a crucial role in cellular communication and mediate several physiological and pathological processes, highlighting their potential therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Due to the rapid increase in interests and needs to elucidate EV properties and functions, numerous isolation and separation approaches for EVs have been developed to overcome limitations of conventional techniques, such as ultracentrifugation. This review focuses on recently emerging and modern EV isolation and separation tech- niques, including size-, charge-, and affinity-based techniques while excluding ultracentrifugation and precipitation-based techniques due to their multiple limitations.
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