Announcing a new addition to the CIMmultus™ family!

The new 4, 40, 400 and 4000 mL CIMmultus monolith columns are a super-versatile and high-throughput macromolecule separation devices designed for use at any step in the downstream process. Process scientists will enjoy the economy of these single- or multi-use devices to capture or separate complex biomolecules (viruses, plasmids, large antibodies, VLPs, etc.) and remove impurities.

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Application note

Application note entitled  "Preparing small affinity monoliths for antibody purification: Reproducibility of covalent immobilization of recombinant protein A (r-pA) on CIMmic™ CDI-0.1 column"  shows the feasibility of CIMmic CDI-0.1 utilisation for covalent immobilisation of recombinant protein A and application of human IgG capture and purification by r-pA modified CIMmic column.

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Research article in Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

Lonza's article "Establishment of a scalable manufacturing platform for in-silico-derived ancestral adeno-associated virus vectors" metions our CIM QA columns. Read more on how our ion exchange columns  successfully purified the recombinant AAV/Anc80 products with a high percentage of full viral particles.
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Meet us at ISBioTech 9th Spring Meeting

Pete Gagnon, BIA Separations' CSO will be presenting a technology workshop in the morning of March 4 at 11:00 am, as well as a presentation in the Viral Vaccines and Extracellular Vesicles program in the morning of March 6 at 9:15 am.

You are also kindly invited to meet us at booth #1.

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Beta testing of exosome process development pack

BIA Separations plans to launch an exosome process development pack in mid-2019. We are currently seeking a few select beta testers for lab-scale evaluation of this product.
We will provide the chromatography products and instruction manuals in exchange for an evaluation report to be provided by you within 90 days from receipt. If you would like to participate in this evaluation or require additional information, please contact us.
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