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CIMmultus H-Bond™ ADC
Hydrogen Bond Chromatography. A New Tool for Enhanced Separation of Proteins from Virus Particles and Other Very-Large Biologics.
CIMmultus ADC monoliths from BIA Separations are the first chromatography products in the field to exploit hydrogen bonding as the primary binding mechanism. These products bring a unique new selectivity to all purification challenges but they are especially distinctive in their ability to retain large biomolecules more strongly than small ones. They enhance removal of fragments, aggregates, and viruses from proteins, and they enhance removal of proteins and other small contaminants from viruses and other very-large biologics. H-Bond ADC also supports outstanding DNA removal.
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  Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual Immuno-Oncology Summit
August 27-31, 2018
Boston, MA
  8th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy BioProcessing and Commercialization conference
September 4-7, 2018
Boston, MA
  HEK293-derived Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) purification: comparison of small scale laboratory production towards industrial format using monoliths  
Join over 600 thought leaders at industry’s leading Immuno-Oncology event and learn about the latest research in a comprehensive 12-track program, network and build lasting collaborations with an international mix of delegates from industry and academia. Over the past 6 years, CHI’s Immuno-Oncology Summit has become the leading annual meeting focusing on the latest applied research. The comprehensive 5-day, 12-track program covers immunomodulatory antibody engineering and emerging immuno-oncology targets, combination immunotherapy, preclinical and translational IO, predictive biomarkers and companion diagnostics, adoptive T cell therapy, oncolytic viruses and personalized cancer vaccines.
You are invited to attend workshop entitled, "Downstream Processing of Shear-Sensitive Oncolytic Viruses," on Monday, 27th of September, that will be presented by Dr. Aleš Štrancar, CEO of BIA Separations.
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8th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy BioProcessing and Commercialization conference has built a reputation of providing a first-rate faculty of participants, who collectively share perspectives and lessons learned from detailed case studies to help you overcome the challenges, develop the strategies and implement the technologies to propel this field towards commercial sustainability.
Pete Gagnon, CSO at BIA Separations, is an internationally recognized expert in the development of industrial purification processes for biologics, including therapeutic proteins and virus particles. In his presentation (5th of September at 1:55 pm) he will demonstrate the major pathways by which residual chromatin from host cells interferes with purification of all biologics produced by cell culture, and particularly with AAV. Examples will be shared how to manage chromatin contamination to achieve more effective and more economical processes.
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During recombinant adeno associated virus (rAAV) downstream processing, a large amount of host-cell and product related impurities needs to be removed from the product.
Succesful process on laboratory scale, such as Cesium chloride purification, lacks scalability when the process is due to be transfered to larger industrial scale. The aim of the study was to develop robust, fast and effective rAAV virus purification platform, which can be used for several AAV serotypes with various inserts.
Lysed harvest and supernatant of rAAV9 were first captured and concentrated on CIMmultus™ OH column, followed by intermediate step on CIMmultus™ SO3 column and further polishing on CIMmultus™ QA column. Derived purity of industrial scale monolith purification product was compared to laboratory scale purification.
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