Scalability of the mRNA purification process with Oligo dT monoliths from 0.1 mL using 96-well plate format to at least 800 mL bed volume was demonstrated in our recent article, paving the way for manufacturing processes on monoliths with 40 L bed volume. Our CIM Oligo dT monoliths show mRNA binding capacity of about 5 mg/mL, low background binding and high recovery. Adaptability to various binding conditions and ease of use make it an exceptional tool for a customizable and accessible large-scale purification of mRNA with sizes less than 1kbp to sizes of more than 14 kbp.
Expand Your mRNA Workflow With CIM Oligo dT18

Comprehensive chromatographic solutions to expand your mRNA capabilities. CIM Oligo dT18 monolith is available in high throughput, analytical HPLC and preparative pre-packed formats.

     High Throughput
     CIM Monolithic 96-well Plate
Analytical CIMac Columns Preparative CIMmultus Columns

Designed to Lead Automation in mRNA Production


and high throughput construct screening: up to 300 μg mRNA per well on 50 μL monolith volume.
of polyadenylated mRNA in complex samples in minutes, automated by PATfix mRNA HPLC platform.
high binding capacity and scalable purification of mRNA, saRNA, and other poly-adenylated constructs.

Optimizing Your Oligo dT Capture Step?

Follow our up to date publications with tips and tricks to get the most out of your Oligo dT18 purification.
Here are some of our recent updates:
Whitepaper using 96-well plate: a design of experiment approach to optimisation of dynamic binding capacity through mobile phase conditions
Comparison of binding capacity for different mRNA sizes, effect of flow rate on Oligo dT18 binding capacity.
Find more information, including industry publications in our library.

The Only Plate Combining the Standard 96-Well Design With Monolith and Oligo dT Efficiency for High Throughput of mRNA Purification 

The Monolithic 96-well plates are your go-to tool when developing methods. They offer the same reliable and efficient technology as our standard CIMmultus columns and facilitate the scale up. Our Monolithic 96-well plates come with 8 different chemistries, but are the only ones on the market with Oligo dT18 – available with C12 Linker or C6 Linker.  

New Webinar: Fast & Efficient rAAV Downstream Process Optimisation with CIM Monolithic 96-well Plates

rAAV downstream process contains a series of interdependent steps. Mojca Tajnik Sbaizero presents multi-parallel screening of different mobile phases for rAAVcapture step using CIM SO3 0.05 mL Monolithic 96-well Plates. Optimization of the capture step leads to increased process productivity and product purity. High vector recovery and reduction of impurities on preparative scale chromatography, result in successful implementation of screening tools for process development optimization.  

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Upcoming Workshop: PATfix Analytics for mRNA Process Development
  Join our invited experts performing a hands-on demo of PATfix analytics as well as subsequent data analysis on December 7th!
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