BIA Separations recognized as one of the big players

Kalorama Information, a leading publisher of market research in healthcare area, published Market research: 2018 Downstream Bioprocessing Markets (Chromatography Columns and Resins Membrane Adsorbers Filtration Systems Sensors), where BIA Separations was placed among 25 leading companies on the market.

The report notes that advances in technology and bioprocessing equipment are making it possible to develop quality biologic drugs. This is increasing the use of bioprocessing equipment, which drives the biopharmaceutical market. And as demand increases, bioprocessors will need processing technologies and components that will facilitate the production of high quality products. As a result, the significance of the downstream bioprocessing market will grow.

Intensification of Influenza Virus Purification

BIA Separations publishes another article in BPI, entitled "Intensification of Influenza Virus Purification. From Clarified Harvest to Formulated Product in a Single Shift."

The paper describes processes for purification of influenza A and influenza B, both lacking TFF steps, and booth using a single chromatography step with a cation-exchange monolith on a single-use basis. The choice of process buffers enables final formulation by simple dilution of the product pool.

DNA digestion requires two hours. Capture, purification, and formulation are achieved within four hours. Host-cell DNA and protein are reduced more than 99% and final virus recovery is 80%.
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Purification and analytics of pDNA

On the link below you can find a poster on purification and analytics of pDNA using hydrophobic monoliths in sample displacement mode.

Monoliths enable 1) high productivity of pDNA downstream process due to high dynamic binding capacity for pDNA in small elution volumes and short chromatographic runs; 2) high resolution power due to convective-based mass transfer.

Sample displacement mode utilizes different relative binding affinities of components in a sample mixture and separates pDNA isoforms under overloading conditions - where sc pDNA isoform acts as a displacer of oc or linear pDNA isoform.
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