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VIsion Statement:

"Engaging hands and minds through the  Environment, Agriculture  and Technology. "


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Monday - Thursday 9AM - 3PM
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I want to thank you all for your patience and your understanding during this COVID -19 Pandemic.

As DeKalb County School begins to transition back to school, so will D. A. T. E. be in a position to start school simultaneously with DeKalb County Schools, D. A. T. E. will begin its transition to a Hybrid A/ B or Virtual Day, starting on January 19, with grades K,1, 2, 6, and 8. On January 25, 2021; the additional grades 3, 4, 5, 7 will come back with choosing Hybrid A/B or Virtual.

We know these are challenging times and we know we must also ensure that safety is our first priority. Please make sure that you complete the new School Reopening Form that will be sent out soon. In addition, safety information and protocols will be redelivered to update all stakeholders on our reopening procedures.

I want to wish  you all a very nice holiday and know that we miss you all and look forward to a great New Year for 2021

Dr. Maury L. Wills, C.E.O.
Twitter: @Dr.Willsdate
Celebrating 16 Years of "Learning with Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor"


Virtual Learning Code Conduct


All D. A. T. E., students receiving digital curriculum and direct instruction online are subject to any applicable District policies and this Student Virtual Learning Code of Conduct.

Students are responsible for proper behavior during online learning.

Students are expected to take integrity and use authenticity of their own work.

It is illegal to create harmful computer viruses.

Remote Learning correspondences are public under school’s records and subject to disclosure.

Internet Policy

Data that is composed, transmitted, accessed, or received via the Internet must not contain content that could be considered discriminatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, harassing, intimidating, or disruptive to any other person. Examples of unacceptable content may include, but are not limited to, sexual comments or images, racial slurs, gender-specific comments, or any other comments or images that could reasonably offend someone on the basis of race, age, sex, religious or political beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Disciplinary Action

Progressive discipline will continue to be utilized to create the expectation that the degree of discipline imposed will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior. Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including Districts policies and guidelines.



Can you believe that we are already near the end of 2020? While this has been a challenging calendar year, we are thankful for each of you and your continued support.  Our commitment to the children and families of D. A. T. E. remains focused on providing unique learning experiences that prepares students to be 21st century learners and leaders.

As a reminder, the DeKalb County School District has amended the school calendar due to the later start date.  Please add the following dates to your calendars to ensure that students are available for classes. 

December 21 - January 4: Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)

January 5: Students return to 100% virtual instruction

January 13: Last day of 1st semester  

January 14: Teachers’ post planning day (NO SCHOOL)

January 15: Teachers’ professional development day (NO SCHOOL)

January 18: MLK Holiday (NO SCHOOL)

January 19: First day of 2nd semester

January 21: ACCESS testing for ESOL students begin

January (dates TBD): MAP testing for all grades/all students

*Please continue to review the teachers’ Google classrooms and the “parent announcements” Google classroom for updates and first of the year reminders. 



Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Dr. K. Taylor,

Chief Academic Officer

Hello Family,

Just thinking about all that we have endured this year.

I want to encourage you to have your scholars remain vigilant in their endeavors to do well in their classes. Please have them review their Google Classroom for any missing assignments and encourage them to speak with their instructors if they need assistance.

I also would like to wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season, and pray that we will see each other once again.

Dr. E. Wilson
Middle School Principal

Happy Holidays to my D.A.T.E. family!  

As 2020 draws to a close, we can reflect on the lessons that have been given to us throughout this year. I have learned the importance of time.  Time is a gift from the present and is given to us each day.  Time is also something that flies and can be used wastefully.  If we have learned anything in 2020, it is that time should be used wisely.

As you know, we have been at virtual learning for almost a year, a long time!  Parents, I urge you to please continue to make virtual learning important in your homes.  We must continue to give our time to learning sessions and tasks.  As we begin to close out the first semester, look over your child's Google classroom and Infinite Campus to ensure you have completed all assignments.  Please read through the Parent classroom to gain an understanding of tasks and student expectations.  

Parents, I also urge you to spend quality time with your families during the holidays.  Yes, 2020 has been challenging, but the holiday season brings joy!  It is my hope that you and your family will experience an abundance of joy and time over the next few weeks.  I look forward to spending virtual time with each of you in 2021.  Happy New Year!

D. A. T. E.'s Motto: "Learning with Relationships,  Relevance, and Rigor."


Ms. Erica Thomas,
Elementary Principal

As 2020 comes to a close, we reflect with gratitude and amazement on the resilience and determination of our students, parents, and staff. I would like to personally say thank you to our students, parents, and community members for all of their support during these challenging times.  I am hoping that you and your family remain safe, that the pandemic is soon over, and that you can find joy in the Holiday—no matter how small!

Dr. H. McCladdie,

Director of Student Services

It is that time of the year again!



 All current students are required to re-enroll annually. The re-enrollment of our current students will begin on December 3, 2020 – January 8, 2021.

How to re-enroll:

  • Go to our website:   
  • Click on the PARENTS tab
  • Click on the ENROLLMENT tab
  • Complete the form and it will be sent to the School Registrar for review

The following fields are REQUIRED for re-enrollment

  • Students’ last and first name
  • Enter the 2021-22 grade level in the "Grade" box
  • Student Number/ID
  • Decline or Confirm your attendance for the 2021-22 school year

 Enrollment for all Sibling Preference will begin on January 11, 2021 – FEBRUARY 5, 2021

 Please DO NOT attempt to enroll your NEW INCOMING SIBLING during this period.

Reopening Plans
"The Dekalb Agriculture, Environment and Technology Academy Band Program has been working diligently on our virtual learning. My name is Jamie Smith and I am the Director of Bands at D. A. T. E. Academy. Unfortunately, Music was never meant to be taught in a virtual setting and is meant to be in a face to face environment. The art of music, especially the band setting is meant to be performed as an entire group playing many well known arrangements composed by outstanding composers. The students have been working on individual skills during our virtual lessons. They have been very innovative in their learning and are becoming outstanding soloists in the art of being a performer on their chosen instrument.  We are so excited about sharing their talents with you performing works on their instruments. Each scholar was given the opportunity to choose what musical selection to perform. I hope that soon we can get back to a normal face to face environment because in the spring of next 2021 we will open the new D. A. T. E. Performing Arts Building which will house a new auditorium, band room, and drama classroom. We are looking forward to taking the Band and Music Program to the next level. Please enjoy the holidays and here is an outstanding performance of our D. A. T. E. Band Individual Scholars."
 Event happening this Saturday, December 19th, in the Clarkston / Stone Mountain area (Village Square on Memorial Drive) from 11 a.m - 5 p.m.  There will be FREE resources (such as food, shoes, toys, eye exams, entertainment, etc.) that our parents / students / teachers / staff may benefit from.  It is called The Gift Atlanta 2020.  For more information, others may go to .  Participants may register prior to the event or at the event.
Elementary Teacher's Pajama Party
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from the Board of Directors, Faculty & Staff of D. A. T. E. Academy.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Feliz Navidad
Auld Lang Syne
S. T. E. A. M. TEAM
D. A. T. E. Library Learning Commons website
BeInternetAwesome with Google
If you need to get in touch with your teachers, please use the appropriate grade level email:

Support is also offered by the School's Technology Department based on the technological need:
Parents' Guide to Google Classroom
Infinite Campus Instructions

Dear D.A.T.E. Parents,

 It is so important that all parents be connected to all the tools available to assist in the success of our students. Infinite Campus is one of those wonderful tools available to us. Connection to Infinite Campus allows you, the parent, to ensure the completion of all assigned tasks for your scholars' test scores, attendance in scheduled classes, and so much more.  Please email Ms. Armstrong at: from your personal email to request your Activation Code needed to create a Parent Portal Infinite Campus Account.
Please do not use your scholars email address to request the activation code. The email assigned to your scholar is for student communication with their instructors.


The Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming and Climate Change 

Many have a misconception of the Greenhouse Effect.  Heat from the sun is actually a good thing and it is necessary for human survival on earth.  The sun heats up the earth to keep it warm, however during the process some of that heat radiates back into space.  Where the problem comes in, is when there is too much heat being trapped by four main greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and ozone.

These 4 gases trap the heat  in the Earth’s atmosphere. The gases let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but they do not allow the heat from  the sunlight to go back into space.  This in turn causes the earth to heat up to exceptionally high temperatures. Scientists believe that most of this tragedy is caused by humans and their behavior as it relates to pollution, fossil fuels and other practices that create these gases.

The increased concentration of gases from human activities results in Global Warming.   It's like a domino effect. Once the earth gets warm it starts to affect the climate in various regions of the world. These occurrence will then result in many of the natural disaster we see happening across the globe 

  • Droughts 

  • Hurricanes

  • Wildfires

  • Melting of the Glaciers in Antarctica/Greenland

  • Earthquakes

  • Tsunamis 

and more...

Our scholars will gain more knowledge and understanding of these concepts after we return from the holiday season break. Be well and stay safe until next time.

Mrs. Shillingford

S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Coordinator

Environmental Specialist

The holiday season can be a fun time spent with family and friends. A great deal of people look forward to cooking, resting and making memories. This year we may experience a different type of holiday season. Perhaps we weren’t able to buy the gifts we normally would, or maybe we cannot travel to visit our loved ones. More commonly, maybe we cannot see our loved ones because they passed away during these strange times. This holiday season may bring about a heightened anxiety about our own health and wellbeing, visiting family and not feeling the holiday spirit. These stressors can be handled with coping skills that can help you through the holiday season. 
Finding which ways of coping work best for you is extremely important. Plan for the approaching holiday season and make sure to take time to understand how you’re feeling towards the holiday season. Understanding that this holiday season is not going to be similar to your holiday season from last year. By acknowledging that things will be a bit different, you’ll be able to better prepare yourself. Taking care of yourself is very important year round, but especially during the holiday season. Be sure to plan time for yourself to relax if possible. Reading, cooking a favorite meal, sleeping and even making time to be outdoors is a great way to practice self-care. 
Take time to remember the deceased. It’s okay to stop and share memories of the loved ones lost. Include others in your conversations and celebrations of loved ones, and be sure that you are not isolating yourself. Some families do community service in remembrance of their loved ones. You could start a new tradition, celebrate your family and help others. Ultimately, what you plan to do is truly up to you and your family. Be sure to plan ahead, be aware of your needs and take time for yourself. If you notice you are having a more challenging time than normal, reach out to your healthcare provider. They will be able to help you in seeing a professional to help you manage your emotions.

Take a break this holiday season.
Take care of yourself.
Be well.

Mrs. Angel Haye
School Counselor

D. A. T. E. PTO News


Thank You,
Nicole Lundie
PTO President

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