Finding Peace in the Face of Injustice💔

Hi family,

How are you feeling this  Tuesday? I'm not going to lie, the past week has been heavy. I've found myself navigating emotions I haven't had to face in some time. I am saddened by the senseless murder of George Floyd and enraged at the system that continues to enable and protect those who refuse to protect people who look like me. My heart is broken and my soul is weary, but I refuse to give in. That's how they win. 

So instead of wallowing in the pain, I channeled that energy to take to the streets and let my voice be heard and let my presence be felt.  It felt so good to have somewhere to direct that pent up energy, rage, and sadness. As we chanted "No Justice, No Peace!" down the streets of Charlotte, my spirit felt renewed with hope. No matter how difficult times may seem, we are in this together. 

I truly believe we are in an immense period of change. We are entering a time of heightened awareness. People are no longer 'Ok' with settling for the status quo. The status quo has not worked for so many for so long. We know that it is always darkest before dawn, so I implore all of you to remain hopeful, remain active, and remain vigilant in caring for yourself right now. We have a long road ahead and the only way we can survive this journey is if we protect our peace, take care of ourselves, and spread love to ourselves and others.

We are living through a fundamental shift to bring about change for our highest good. You have immense power to use your voice for good.💛
Read Protecting Your Peace in a Chaotic World💛
Here are five ways I am protecting my peace during this chaotic time:
  1. I do not check my phone or the news when I first wake up. I start each day by meditating, reading, practicing yoga. Checking your phone first thing in the morning wires us for anxiety. Our brains need to ease into the day & our phones create a digital overload. Challenge yourself to not use your phone for the first hour of the day. Reflect on how your day went. Keep your phone away from your bed at night.
  2. I am limiting my social media time/news to short time blocks during the day and I am logging off earlier at night. Challenge yourself to mindfully observe your social media usage. Is it bringing you peace or bringing you anxiety? Are you actively engaged or are you mindlessly scrolling? See if you can cut down your consumption of news each day and don't let painful media be the last thing you see before bed.
  3. I am spending more time meditating and journaling so that I can soothe my mind and release any emotions I am feeling through writing. Challenge yourself to create space for mental downtime right now.
  4. I do not allow emotions such as anger, rage, frustration, and hopelessness to consume me. It is natural to feel these emotions, but it is destructive to let them fester without finding a way to channel and release that energy. Challenge yourself to be mindful and aware of when you are spending too much time in low vibrational places. Catch yourself and channel that energy elsewhere.
  5. I am being intentional with my self-care. Since everything is so chaotic right now, I created a daily checklist of what I need to do to maintain my mental, physical & spiritual health. This has helped me immensely. As I check off these items each day, I feel a sense of control over my wellbeing because I'm not at the mercy of my memory or whatever is happening each day. 
Here are some tangible things you can do right now to be intentional with your self-care:
  • Go to bed early: This is important for maintaining your energy levels, mental health & regulating bodily functions. You do not need to stay up late to keep up with what's going on. Rest.
  • Eat nutritious foods: What goes into the body fuels the brain. Load it up with healthy foods that improve instead of hampering brain function. This is critical to your mental and physical health.
  • Read for pleasure: This is a great way to help the mind relax & you get the added bonus of learning something new. 
  • Exercise Daily: This is critical for maintaining your mental & physical health. This can be as simple as a daily walk and some basic exercises and stretches. Just get moving. Your brain and body at peak performance when you keep your body moving. Break the habit of lounging around engrossed in social media/watching tv all day. Remember: "When the body moves, the brain grooves!" ~ Jim Kwik
  • Check-in with your Tribe: Remember to spend time catching up with those people who love you, support you, and keep you grounded. A quick chat with the right person can really uplift your spirits. 
  • Consume Inspiring Content: Take a break from the news/social media to watch at least one personal development video per day. Check out transformative coaches like Marisa Peer, Lisa Nichols, and others on Mindvalley Talks via Youtube.
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🧘🏾‍♀️ Try this Meditation for Finding Calm in Chaos🧘🏾‍♀️

How to use this affirmation: Repeat this affirmation three times and then close your eyes and feel the energy that you are drawing to yourself. Reflect on what this means for you. If you find yourself feeling off-balance this week, come back to this mantra. For added power, write it down on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it all week. 
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I know times are turbulent right now, but we will get through this. Do whatever you need to feel your best right now. Love yourself and those around you. I love you and I'm here for all of you. 

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Peace, Love & Light...💛

Live your dopest life! I'm rooting for you!

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