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Happy Easter Monday <<First Name>>,

I hope you had a great Easter weekend living in the new normal! How are you holding up after another week of quarantine? I'm at peace with this cycle of our lives and I've decided to go with the flow of our new normal & find the positives each day. I've really enjoyed creating & experimenting in the kitchen again since I'm not constantly on the go! I've also spent more time reading, watching professional development content and catching up on some great series on TV --no, not Tiger King! 🤣

I'm not going to lie since I last wrote you there have been lots of starts and *restarts* in terms of keeping my routine in place. There's no denying the impact of fewer external social structures on our lives. The days are blending together and the weeks are flying by. I've found myself snacking more and crashing on the couch more times than I'd like to admit.

Instead of beating myself up about not being *perfect*, I use each day as a chance to start again. This is one of the skills you learn through meditation: How to start again with fresh energy and without judgment. We all have the chance to fight through the anxiety, the boredom, and uncertainty to come out of this cycle more powerful, more knowledgeable, healthier and more centered than we've ever been.  But this takes work & we have to be aware of our negative patterns in order to break free of them.

Take this week to examine the patterns you've picked up during quarantine (both good & bad) and reflect on how you can make adjustments wherever necessary to rise from quarantine like a Phoenix! This would be the epitome of turning lemons into lemonade! 

How can you take yourself to the next level and rise from the ashes of quarantine like a Phoenix?
This week's theme is:  Rebirth 

"Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." - Buddha

Each day we are reborn with the ability to chart an entirely new path. No matter how bleak things may look or how many mistakes we've made in the past if we have breath in our bodies the universe has blessed with another chance to begin again. Life is a series of starts, stops, and restarts. We are constantly evolving and experiencing peaks and valleys. We can spend so much time hung up on the past that we completely miss the blessing of a new start right in front of us.

Make the choice each day to be reborn into a better version of yourself. On days you stumble give yourself compassion and grace and get right back up again as many times as you need to. You are never stuck in any phase of life. You can make the choice to start anew at any moment you choose.  What will you choose to do differently this week?
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How to use this affirmation: Repeat this affirmation three times and then close your eyes and feel the energy that you are drawing to yourself. Reflect on what this means for you. If you find yourself feeling off-balance this week, come back to this mantra. For added power, write it down on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it all week. 
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Even though so much is outside of our control right now remember that you can still use this opportunity for your betterment. What can you learn about yourself during this time? What's important to you when the world has gone mad? Take stock of your life right now and have the courage to make new choices so that you leave this quarantine better than you came in. Your new chapter is right on the other side of a decision to begin again.

Before I let you go, <<First Name>>, can you please do me a *huge favor* and share this e-mail with a few friends and family members who are looking for wellness and travel guidance. My goal is to help as many people as possible! 🙏🏾

Peace, Love & Light...💛

Live your dopest life! I'm rooting for you!

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