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Welcome to the
Cozy Cottage Chronicles!

These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there’s only future
There’s only here, there’s only now.

—"These Are the Days," Van Morrison

Woman Eats PeachHappy Labor Day weekend, friends! 

This week, I ate the perfect peach.

I know—this is hardly newsworthy.

But to me, it felt important. Living in the midwest, I understand that summer is a fleeting season. It always seems that winter is lurking around the corner.

Flipping the calendar from August to September is a heavy chore. That's when the realization sets in: summer doesn't last forever.

To me, summer is perfectly encapsulated by a peach, ripened on a tree beneath the warm summer sun somewhere in Michigan; picked, boxed, and loaded onto a truck, then driven to a local market in my neighborhood.

Sometimes you get a peach that has a bruise or two. Sometimes you bite into it to find it's not quite fully ripe. Or it might be a tad overripe and be slightly mushy.

If I had known I was going to eat the perfect peach, I would've put on my favorite cotton summer dress, grabbed my straw hat, and carried it out to a meadow to eat it in the shade of an old oak tree.

Turns out, I was in my cubicle on a Wednesday.

We're not always ready when those perfect moments come along. In fact, many perfect moments probably pass us by, and we don't even notice.

I couldn't put the peach away to save it for a perfect moment: as soon as I sliced it open, it had to be eaten now. This was the perfect moment.

I turned away from my computer. I would not make this gorgeous piece of fruit suffer the indignity of being snarfed down while my mind was elsewhere—not after all it went through to grow from a tiny seed. I gave it my full attention, breathed in the heavenly smell. I tried to savor each juicy bite the best I could. 

I may not encounter another perfect peach like that this summer. I hope so, but I won't count on it. I know this season is almost over. I'm just glad that when the moment presented itself, I was able to stop what I was doing to give it its due.

There's only here, there's only now.




“This isn’t a spotless life. There is much ahead, my immaculate peach.”
Brave Enough, by Cheryl Strayed
A triumphant return: After this horrible past year of complete disruption to school and life in general, our high school marching band returned to the football field in full uniform! It made my heart happy. I love being married to a band director (I'm also Mom to a kid in the tuba section)! My favorite moment is when the band holds up traffic to cross the street as they enter the field.

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