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Energetic Updates for September 2018

Dear Energy Being

Do you like to visit Power Spots...other than the ones where you charge up your smartphone?

Power Spots are locations where different types of Earth Energy can be sensed strongly, often leading to a spiritual experience, or simply a very relaxing time.

This month -  visiting a Power Spot

In August of this year, I was fortunate enough to travel back to my homeland - the UK.  While visiting family and friends, I also made time to visit 3 Power Spots there - two I know and love already, and the third, which was new to me.

I visited Glastonbury, in the county of Somerset, where the energy is ancient, interesting and alive.  A close friend and I took a tour with a local British Shaman and learned about an alternative view of history, as well as being introduced to the power of Nordic Runes.  To read the full post, click here>>

Power Spots and resetting your Personal Energy

I have always found comfort in nature, and visiting specific spots for me, is something of an energetic reset.

Living in the UK, I always loved to walk by the ocean (a relatively easy thing to do there).  Here in the midwest, I make sure I visit lakes and rivers regularly.

One of my favorite Power Spots in the USA is Sedona Arizona, where people make it their business to visit energy vortexes and experience the unusual phenomena there. 

At some of the Power Spots or vortexes in Sedona, the trees even grow in twisted formations in response to the unusual geomagnetic energy.

Consider finding a location near you which gives you an Energetic Reset

When I lived in Southern Maryland, (on a peninsula between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers), I would often take my children onto the Naval Base there and down to a playground, a natural beach and a great view of part of the Chesapeake Bay.

My partner asked me one time “Why do you always go there?”  I replied, “Because it gives me an Energetic Reset“.

Something about the combination of the location, the natural state of the beach (rescued an ancient mariner there once – a horseshoe crab who was upside down and getting pecked by seagulls!  ) and the wide-open views would clear my head, my mind, and my energy.

I would often go to the beach and meditate after I dropped the children off at school and come away refreshed and reset, energetically.  I went there specifically to get my Energetic Reset!

Refreshing the energy – an Energetic Reset is always good for our state of mind

However you go about it, I believe an Energetic Reset is an important part of Personal Energy Practice.  

I think even a few minutes is important and contributes to our overall well-being and ability to manage stress.

Here are three simple ways to create your own Energetic Reset, or restoration

  1. (My favorite) go to a place in nature that is meaningful and peaceful to you.  Quiet the mind and take time to tune in to your surroundings, the sounds, activities – even simply the wind blowing.
  2. Clear some clutter from your house or location.  It doesn’t have to be a big clear out – simply rearranging a drawer that you use every day will start the energy moving.
  3. Burn sage and use the smoke to clear your energy field.  If you’ve never tried this it really does feel nice!
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