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Energetic Updates for July 2018

Hello Energetic Beings!

Here we are, halfway through July.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are working with the heat.  I hope you are staying cool and taking a break if you can.

Welcome as always to new 'peeps' on the list this month!

This month -  developing your intuition - trickery or art?

It's easy to be drawn to the idea of developing our intuition, it can seem magical and exciting to discover an unknown skill within us - and intuitive development can be both of those things.  Sometimes, the excitement of connecting with our intuition can lead us on a merry path, which may not be helpful to our spiritual growth.

This month I am reading a book about one of my big spiritual heroes, Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet and was one of the first really well-known Akashic Records Readers in the USA.  The book is called Edgar Cayce - On Channeling Your Higher Self, by Henry Reed.  (Amazon link for reference).

Edgar Cayce could put himself into a light trance (self-hypnosis) and would travel to the Akashic Hall of Records on behalf of a client to help diagnose illness.  All of his readings were transcribed by his faithful secretary, and remain available to the public to this day.  He worked with physicians as well as with clients directly.

In fact, many doctors use his suggested remedies in current medical practice, but that's a subject for another newsletter!

Channeling Your Higher Self

In this book, Henry Reed the author talks about Edgar Cayce's amazing abilities with accuracy when reading for clients.  He likens Edgar's ability to that of Zen Archery student Eugen Herrigel, who studied for 6 years with a Japanese kyudo (archery) master.

For the first 5 years, Eugen was taught to practice archery without a target.  He was committed to learning, so learned not to question his teacher as he studied, but focused on how to stand, breathe and release the arrow correctly.

At year 5, his teacher took him to a darkened archery range with a target and closed his eyes, shooting the first arrow into the bullseye and then letting go the second arrow, splitting the first arrow in two.  When Eugen made his way to the target in the dark, he was amazed at the results.

His teacher told him that all the study during the first 5 years was to learn to 'let go' of the arrow and to allow it to hit its mark, that was true mastery, and that 'pointing' the arrow and also getting a bullseye was just a trick shot!

Think of your intuition as an arrow you 'let go' rather than a trick shot that you 'point'

As someone who was born with strong intuition (but didn't know what to do with it!), I can resonate. 

When I receive intuitive hunches or work with clients in the Akashic Records, speaking from experience the best headspace to be in is that of stepping aside and letting go, not trying to 'point' my intuition at anything. 

That approach is not always taught in our checklist-oriented, achievement celebrating Western society.  Getting things done does get things done - but it doesn't work so well when we are focused on growing our intuitive gifts.

I always set the intention through prayer to request the most accurate reading possible for the client, and that helps too.  Regular practice of the technique and process of opening the Akashic Records is the final key in my personal intuitive development.  My first Akashic teacher told me that working in the Records regularly would increase my intuitive abilities - and she was right, although I didn't believe it at the time.

So when you choose to focus on developing your intuition - breathe, relax and let go, be open.  That's when you'll receive the best intuitive hits and personal insights.

Admin Update - GDPR

Lots of people have probably received emails about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation law) instigated by the European Union.  This list has the full GDPR signup form active at this link

After the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica issues, people who sign up for email lists in the European Union can gain more control over how their email address is used, choosing to opt out of certain methods of email marketing if they so choose.  These three levels are Email, Direct Mail (snail mail), and Customized Online Advertising - the last being those ads you see on Facebook or Google, for example, linked to something you looked at once, but they follow you around!

My intention with this list is to send you information via email only.  If that were ever to change I would let you know first.  Here's a link to my email privacy policy for future reference.

In service and in the light


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