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This is a Public Service Announcement relaunches today with new data and rating system relaunches today with new national air pollution data and rating system.

As reported on last night’s Channel 4 News, ITV News, today’s Guardian front page, The Times, Telegraph and Daily Mail, COPI’s United Nations accredited, law-changing, multi award-winning, three-time front page news landing, culture-shifting national awareness campaign & free public service is now live, giving you the latest and most accurate air pollution data available.

Find out what you’re breathing where you live, work or play by going to and searching any UK address.

The new percentile ranking system makes it easy to compare the air quality at addresses across the country. Use the dropdown menu below your ranking to see the individual pollutant levels & health effects, before you demand action and take action.

After a battle of epic proportions to get hold of data that truly represents the air pollution levels across the UK, we are over the moon to finally be able to give this to you and the British public.

How do we know this new data is so good?

Because to ensure accuracy, COPI carried out the most exhaustive collection of reliable air pollution monitor data to date. We contacted every single council authority in the UK and requested their incredibly dull but data-rich 100 page air quality ‘Annual Status Reports’. After extracting the essential pollution monitor data and geo-coordinates from these reports (thank god that’s over), we mapped the levels recorded in every town and city across the UK, with help from our good friends at MapAid.

What resulted was a unique data set laid out across the UK, which we then gave to the experts at Imperial College London who calibrated their national pollution model to these real world levels.

This has never been done before.

It was all carried out in the name of transparency, public understanding and awareness: the very foundation of COPI.

In what can only be described as a total abdication of responsibility from our own government, that appears to be far too busy making empty and downright dangerous air pollution targets for *checks notes* 2040 (!) to run a single public awareness campaign on this toxic issue, we simply had to step up.

This has been a truly people-powered campaign to make accurate data accessible to the public. So after getting your new rating please share as widely as possible on all your social media platforms. Whilst COPI may have the collective might of the creative industry and know how to get the attention of the press, unlike government we don’t have millions to spend on TV ads & billboards, so we’re relying on you to help us get this out there.

Information is power. So let’s use it, and let’s share it.

For something that started with a couple of rudely titled info films on air pollution made in a living room, to the formation of this very creative industry alliance, to a 40 second public awareness ad, then a crowdfunder for a national campaign that’s now one of the most awarded worldwide, this has been quite a journey for the small army of people involved.

But on this particular one, it seems that we’re finally there. With this new data, we now have the public service we can rely on and be proud of, giving people the information to understand, take action, and demand action. of course is just one of COPI’s campaigns focusing on issues the government would much rather we all just forgot about.

We currently have two more in development: a national awareness campaign on climate change that will communicate future climate change impact data in a way that’s never been done before, and another on the shocking state of British rivers and coastlines. For this last one, we intend on making sure that the water company CEOs responsible for the unseen and criminal levels of untreated sewage in our rivers and coastlines, become synonymous with the very sh*t they see fit to continue dumping in our once beautiful waterways. So cheers to that!

If you’d like support COPI with a donation so we can continue doing what we do, you can do so HERE. If you’d like to work with us then get in touch.

Thanks for reading.


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