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Jane Unchained Monday at 10 PT
This Monday, July 27, at 10 a.m. PT, Jane Velez Mitchell will host a show on live animal markets in LA & NYC. René Rowland will be representing LA with Ellen Dent from Animal  Alliance Network, and Edita Birnkrant from NYCLASS for New York.  We hope you can catch the show!

Write to LA City Council
Millions of animals per year!

We need your letter to the LA City Council to support a ban on the live markets.  If you represent an org, letterhead would be the most influential, however you can simply input a statement into the city portal.   Write to the Council today:

 *Please note: after entering your comments you must check your email and confirm your submission from the City's automated message.

If you are already informed on the issue and know what to say, you can go straight to this link to upload your letterhead or write your comments:


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The proposed ordinance with LA Council would save millions of animals annually, including poultry and farmed animals, setting a precedent for other cities and for farmed animals in general.

Here's why PawPAC prioritizes the LA Council campaign:
  1. PawPAC has three decades of activism on the live market issue
  2. Tens of millions of LA animals would be saved, including poultry and other farmed animals
  3. Epidemiologists warn that the next pandemic would likely be a strain of an avian influenza
  4. LA City Council is open to working with PawPAC—thanks to animal advocate, Councilmember Paul Koretz who is PawPAC's 2002 Legislator of the Year as Assemblyman, along with Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, the Council and their staffs!  Many thanks to the City of LA.



Dangerous Crossings by Claire Jean Kim documents California's struggle to end the live animal markets, starting with San Francisco in the nineties, PawPAC member Pat Briggs and PawPAC co-founder Virginia Handley among others.  See chapters 3-6 on the live markets.  The book also covers the cultural disputes arising from Michael Vick's dog fighting conviction and Pacific Northwest whaling by the Makah tribe.

Your comments to the LA City Council can help to save millions of animals per year, whether it's three sentences or three pages.  Just type into the box, and confirm it in the CIty Clerk's email to your inbox.
Governor / Surgeon General Letter
After nearly three decades of a nonproductive discussion with the Department of Fish and Wildlife over live animal markets, last April we sent a coalition letter to the Governor and Surgeon General to take executive action.  This is like the classic daisy chain of phone calls to agencies that refer you back to where you began, only stretched out over decades.  Another reason why we're investing in the LA Council—reciprocation!  Here's the letter we got from the CDFW.


    SB 1175  

Senator Stern's SB 1175 will be heard by Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife on August 4.  The bill passed the Legislature in 2018, but was vetoed by Governor Brown.  It will add 13 species to the commercial import prohibitions in Pen §653.o.  The bill analysis states, "This bill is a work-in-progress" and the bill language includes new amendments about zoonoses and wild animals.  PawPAC supports the trophy hunting language in SB 1175.  Follow the instructions on this WPW page to submit your support.

Did you get an email message like this in your inbox this week?  It asks us to check our postal mailbox and confirm our Vote by Mail Address!

 PawpAC Needs Your Help! 

PawPAC will be turning 40 next month!   Look for an announcement coming soon about a celebration online.  You can help us right now with a donation of $4, $40, $400 or $4,000!  Or volunteer 4 hours of your time on a regular basis.  Apply here to volunteer; PawPAC's sustainability depends on your support.

We want the right officials to be in office who will introduce laws and get them on the books.  It starts by electing them!  That's where PawPAC, and you come in.  Join us in making it happen for the years to come.

For the animals,

René Rowland, Chair

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