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CALL TOMORROW at 10 a.m.

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 TOMORROW, WED JUNE 10 at 10a.m:

Please call the Los Angeles City Council tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. to ask to speak on agenda item 11 to support Councilmembers Koretz' and Blumenfield's motion to close all live animal markets.  You do not have to live in LA to call.  You will have one minute to speak.


Members of the public who wish to offer public comment to the Council should call 1 669 254 5252 and use Meeting ID No. 160 535 8466 and then press #. Press # again when prompted for participant ID. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.


It is recommended that you call right at 10, and listen to the meeting until comments are called for, toward the beginning.  Please listen to earlier comments so that you can mention points that have not been made.




  • We are now, more than ever, concerned about health and the transfer of disease through the handling of animals.

  • Animals in crowded conditions are likely to transmit disease when stressed.

  • Prevention is key.  Salmonella, Pasteurella, giardia and many other zoonotic diseases are a daily threat.

  • Crowding, transporting, caging and neglecting basic needs are inhumane treatment of animals.

  • Poultry, ducks, goats, sheep, rabbits, turtles, bullfrogs, snakes, even alligator parts have been found in the live animal markets.  The more species we exploit, the greater risk we take with public health.

  • Although it's illegal, fully-alive animals may be sold to customers to take home to slaughter or otherwise use and exploit.

  • Frogs and turtles that are sold under the table suffer particular abuse because they often do not have water and suffocate, stacked in containers.

  • By snatching the frogs, turtles, snakes and other wild animals from their natural habitats, we are upsetting nature's balance and threatening biodiversity.

  • The cruelty for softshell turtles is unspeakable.  The animals should be first clubbed on the head to render them unconscious, but turtles naturally retreat into their shells.  The result is that these turtles have their shells butchered from their bodies while fully alive.

  • Bullfrogs carry the dread chytrid fungus, which is responsible for an unprecedented loss of species, including native California species like our state amphibian, the California red-legged frog.

  • 2 million live bullfrogs and 400,000 turtles are trafficked and imported to California annually.  There is no disease testing or quarantine of these animals before they are brought to the markets.

  • We are concerned that zoning ordinances which prohibit slaughter may not be enforced for these areas where markets are found.

  • Businesses, themselves, should not need to close; but the sale and slaughter-on-demand of live/living animals should be prohibited in this age of emerging zoonotic diseases.

  • Senator Stern has introduced a bill to require such testing statewide, and to close wild animal markets in California, but the bill addresses other wildlife issues—and wildlife only.  The City should employ the safeguard of its own ordinance.

  • It would be a tragic irony if Los Angeles, one of the most progressive cities in the world, were to become the epicenter for a future pandemic.  We must do everything in our power to make sure it doesn't happen.


Most of the pictures below are from markets in Los Angeles, except the diseased frogs and the one of a chicken being carried in a bag alive (this came from a market in San Francisco, but we are aware that it happens at all of the markets).

 State News 

The legislature is challenged with addressing the major crises that are upon us, in addition to many other urgent issues.  The result is that the animal bills are largely postponed until next year, however a few are still being moved.  A Capitol Alert should come soon, including endorsements of candidates for the general election.  We have delayed sending out an alert in deference to the George Floyd tragedy, and we also believe that the endorsements would be lost in the news; however the time is coming soon to send an update on state bills.

 SB 1175 Stern:
 Would prohibit the sale of wild animals for consumption and add additional species to the prohibited hunting/import list. —> See our letterSubmit your letter

 AB 2152 Gloria/O'Donnell: Prohibits the sale or adoption of dogs, cats and rabbits by pet stores, but permits the stores to provide adoption space to qualified rescue groups and public shelters.  —> Submit your letter

 AB 3030 Kalra: A plan to conserve 30% of land and 30% of water by 2030. —> Submit your letter  

 SB 54 Allen &  AB 1080 Gonzalez: Would require all single-use packaging and products to be recyclable or compostable by 2030. —> Submit your letter  

 SB 1044 Allen: Would ban harmful PFAS chemicals (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in firefighting foam. —> Submit your letter


 AB 2523 Gray: Would establish a youth hunting program for those with terminal illnesses, or suffered the loss of a parent in the military.  —> See our letterSubmit your letter 


*Not an exhaustive list.  A more detailed list and discussion are to follow soon with our endorsements.

 Thank You for Your Support 

Thank you for your contributions and notes of support.  PawPAC will contribute to campaigns of candidates who demonstrate their advocacy for animals, but we can't do it without you.  Candidates are more sensitive to the issues we voice when we support them.  Please consider volunteering, or share our work with a friend and ask them to contribute.  Time and money are the animals' two greatest assets.

For the animals,

René Rowland, Chair

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