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Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback!  Please add PawPAC to your annual giving for Giving Tuesday, this Dec. 3rd.  Each member of our volunteer board also contributes funds to the work, but we do need yours as well!  Please see below for important announcements.  Do not hesitate to write or call anytime.

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Voting Record to Be Mailed Soon

We do one bulk mailing per year of the Voting Record, and this year we'll be including a special announcement and survey(Hint:  PawPAC will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020, and a very special VIP will be joining us for the celebration!)  If you'd like to receive this packet, and/or participate in the survey, please email or call in your request.

.... An online survey is probably in order.  Write or call, and let's see if we can get that together!

Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon announces he will not be seeking reelection in 2020

Visit our Election 2020 page for details

Recent Mid-Stream Seat Changes
On November 5, Megan Dahle won the Assembly District 1 special election to replace her spouse, Brian Dahle, who moved to the Senate last June.

Effective November 1, Jeff Stone left his Senate District 28 office for an appointment from Donald Trump as U.S. Department of Labor’s western director.  Governor Newsom announced a special election for this seat at the upcoming March 3 Primary Election.  Among the candidates registered so far, Joy Silver is the most promising candidate for animal welfare.

Details on our Election 2020 page

The federal wild horse issue and decisions on the Hill for Interior spending are coming to a head, but it's not too late to call or write to Senators Feinstein and Harris to have your name on record for the horses.  We are asking that you oppose the $35M plan to round up 150,000 wild horses and burros over the next several years.

Further reading here.

New Appointments & Legislation Coming for Horse Racing

We can expect to see legislation to address horse racing in 2020, after much news on this issue, including strong statements from Governor Newsom and Senator Diane Feinstein.  Governor Newsom appointed three new CHRB board members this year, and three others have either resigned or will be doing so in the near future.

Links related to horse racing in California
November 21 CHRB meeting
It is the opinion of this author that, like greyhound racing, horse racing should not even be allowed.  PawPAC has spoken and/or written directly to the CHRB and the Governor expressing this view.

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Peace to All Humans, Animals, Hillsides, Valleys and Oceans This Season!

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