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Take your time... There's a lot here, you already know the major news, and it doesn't need to be read in one sitting!  Our next Capitol Alert will be in early 2020.  :)
2019 Final Capitol Alert

A Record Year for California Animals

What a year it has been for animals and the California Legislature!  Thanks to more than two dozen legislators and Governor Gavin Newsom, history has been made and records broken.  Please send your enthusiastic thanks to the Governor and these legislators highlighted below!

★★★ Legislator of the Year ★★★
The 2019 PawPAC Legislator of the Year is Ash Kalra! Ash introduced six bills this year to improve or save animal lives and their habitats.  Three of the bills were signed by Governor Newsom: AB 454 (Migratory birds),  AB 948 (Coyote Valley) and AB 1162 (Single-use plastic toiletries).  He also authored bills for deforestation, school dissection alternatives, and coauthored AB 479 with Adrin Nazarian for plant-based school meals.  We hope to see these bills return again with favorable results.

Thank you, Assemblymember Kalra and your awesome team for your tireless advocacy for human and nonhuman rights, both in the chamber and out on the field!

★AB 44 (Friedman) - Fur product ban

Beginning January 1, 2023, California will become the first state in the nation to ban fur products from coming into the state.  The law prohibits the sale or transfer of articles of clothing, fashion accessories, keychains, toys or trinkets, and home accessories and decor, that are made in whole or in part of fur.

Wildlife Protection Act of 2019

★SB 313 (Ben Hueso) - Wild animals in circuses

Prohibits the sponsorship or operation of circuses in California that use animals other than a domestic dog, domestic cat, or domesticated horse, and prohibits a person from exhibiting animals in circuses.

Keep your muskets at home!

★AB 1260 (Brian Maienschein) - Endangered animals

This statute adds several species to existing law prohibiting the commercial import or sale of the dead bodies, parts or products made from endangered and special animals.  Species added are:  alligator, crocodile, iguana, skink, caiman, hippopotamus, and the Teju, Ring, and Nile lizards.

California Migratory Bird Protection Act

★SB 307 (Richard Roth) - Mojave Desert

This law requires the State Lands Commission to ascertain that before any pipeline drains water from the federal or state lands of the Mojave Desert, there will be no adverse effect to the natural or cultural resources, including groundwater resources or habitat.

We won-We won-We won-We won!
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
Dam right, I approve!!

★AB 273 (Lorena Gonzalez) - Fur trapping ban

This law eliminates fur dealer and agent licenses, and prohibits the trapping of any fur-bearing or nongame mammal for recreation or commerce in fur and would prohibit the sale of the raw fur of any fur-bearing or nongame mammal.  

Circus Cruelty Prevention Act

★AB 1254 (Sydney Kamlager-Dove) - Bobcat hunting ban

This law prohibits hunting, trapping or killing bobcats except under specified circumstances—for example, when necessary to protect a person from immediate bodily harm—through December 31, 2024.

♪ Because I'm happy ♪

★AB 454 (Ash Kalra) - Migratory birds

This law maintains the protections for migratory birds in California provided for by the 1918 federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which was compromised by the current federal administration.

SB 307 protects the bighorn sheep and desert tortoise

🚫AB 527 & AB 719 (Blanca Rubio, Voepel & Gray) - Louisiana alligator trade
These bills sought to extend the $1B alligator trade with Louisiana to overturn a ban on crocodile and alligator trade which was established in 1970, but which has been reversed three times since 2006.  Louisiana has already killed close to a million farmed alligators in that period, and Speaker Rendon intervened to uphold the original statute.  We can also thank the Speaker for his non-lead ammunition bill (2013, his freshman year) which took effect this July!
Special Thanks to Social Compassion in Legislation for sponsoring   So.  Many.  Bills.  and for seeing through: the fur trapping ban, circus ban and endangered/ALLIGATOR TRADE BAN!!

Other chaptered bills (bills signed into law)
Support all

AB 128 - Horse slaughter*
AB 169 - Service Dogs
AB 415 - Pet boarding/victim compensation
AB 454 - Migratory birds
AB 611 - Sexual abuse
AB 834 - Algal bloom
AB 948 - Coyote Valley
AB 1162 - Plastic
AB 1535 - Pet insurance
AB 1565 - Kittens
SB 307 - Mojave Desert/Cadiz
SB 397 - Pet evacuations
SB 637 - Homeless & cruelty tax donation checkbox


Bills signed that we did not support
SB 395 - Animal traffic accidents

SB 245 - Veteran pet adoptions
AB 467 - Gender equality in sport killing prize money


Vetoed bills
AB 733 - Minnows message
AB 773 - Voter education message
SB 1 - Endangered   message
SB 64 - Microchips   message
SB 202 - Blood banks message

Two-year bills
AB 479 - Plant-based school meals
AB 700 - Animal research (OPPOSE unless amended)
AB 889 - Animal research data
AB 1040 - Cetaceans
AB 1230 - Declawing (Dr. Quirk may reintroduce in 2020)
AB 1788 - Rodenticides
SB 580 - Animal cruelty
SB 627 - Cannabis in veterinary medicine (expect to see again; NO POSITION at this time)

AB 572 - Deforestation Kalra video
SB 258 - Pets of homeless individuals
AB 1561 - From the authors of AB 719, a third attempt to 
AB 1080 - Plastic
SB 54 - Plastic Allen statement


* AB 128 gave us pause in the sense that the language did not seem to make enough impact, and keeping up with the eight amended versions was beyond the scope of the time available. The bill was opposed by the sponsors of the 1998 Prop 6 on the same topic of horse slaughter for human consumption. We weren't able to reconcile the opposing statements between the bill sponsor and the Prop 6 sponsors in time for our last alert, but we did consult an attorney working on federal issues.

We received this feedback from the independent: "... The civil penalties do not replace the criminal penalties. California law has hardly been enforced (in part because of the difficulty in proving that a horse is being sent to slaughter), and this bill seems like a step in the right direction to provide additional routes for cracking down on horse slaughter."

Gavin Newsom signed AB 128 to require a sign at each horse auction which states, “WARNING The sale of horses in California for slaughter for human consumption is a felony” and imposes civil penalties for offenses.
THERE'S STILL TIME TO CALL ON WILD HORSE ROUNDUPS, PLEASE PLACE WEEKLY CALLS to Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris to register your opposition to the U.S. Senate FY20 Interior Appropriations bill.  Tell your out-of-state friends to contact their senators (

Time Magazine:

See talking points in the image above, or view them here.



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