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Just as we hit "Send" this morning, breaking news hit:  The city of Shenzhen banned the sale of some wildlife species for meat, but included in the ban dogs & cats, making it the first city in China to do so.  Of the reports we've seen, this one from ACTAsia gave the most detailed account.  The ACTAsia post says, "We hope this is the starting point for the wider banishment of eating dogs and cats across China, as well as a comprehensive ban on all aspects of the wildlife trade."

Worldwide momentum is building on the issue of the markets.  Call or write to add your voice!  877.484.2364 (corrected number).

Resources for You and the Animals 

Friends and Advocates,

In normal times we've got to take care of ourselves first to help others, and that couldn't ring truer anytime more than now.  Following are campaigns and stories that have particularly resounded with me in a two-week period that has felt like months—which I hope will encourage and inspire you as well.

Legislators and their offices are leaping to urgent action for their constituents, and outside of bills to meet this moment—to turn a phrase from Governor Newsom—the offices don't yet know which bills may be moving.  You may want to reach your legislators to participate in virtual town hall meetings or to find resources for yourself and your loved ones.  You may also want to remind them not to forget or give up on the animals, who rely on our voice, our actions to see them through these times of life or death—the two very tangible realities they face on a daily basis.

Take care of yourself and your family first!  Then, if your situation allows, please see a number of ways below to help animals right now, who need our help more than ever.

Look up your legislators here: 

For the animals,

René Rowland, Chair

click here for the California CV19 site

CA Leg and 2020 Bills

Of the 2405 new bills that have been introduced this year, many will not see the end of session.  CA Leg is on recess, and we'll let you know when the animal protection bills start hearings, but in the mean time, you may have a list of some bills you can't let go of.  You can check the long list on the PawPAC site, and included below is my personal short list: We've selected these bills for their wide-reaching effect on the entire ecosystem.

Your Local Animal Shelter Needs You

Animal shelters are in great need of your help. Please consider fostering one or more animals if you can, but if not, each shelter has a wish list of items you can donate, like Kuranda beds, kitten replacement milk, kitten and puppy food, new blankets and towels.  Be sure to thoroughly read your shelter's website and contact them by phone or email to learn how to help.

Community cats and kittens are in needKITTEN SEASON IS ON, and with fewer people out and about, kittens born on the street will have little chance of being rescued and spay-neutered.  Vets and clinics are not able to do nonessential surgeries like S/N right now.  Contact your local cat rescue for advice on how to help.  Here's a tutorial from Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles on kitten care.

Humane Education Coalition

Envisioning a kind, just and sustainable world in the future starts by instilling sustainable values in our children now.  Humane Education Coalition—an alliance of 138 partners and affiliates—is leading the way.  Explore their site, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that their powerful voice could not have entered the world conversation at a better time.
Live Food Markets in California


Those of you who remember Virginia Handley
  will remember that from the mid-nineties forward, she—alongside Pat Briggs, Eric Mills and others—waged a fierce battle to close the live food markets in California.  Their efforts had a culminating moment in 2010 when the Fish and Game Commission adopted policy to ban the import of nonnative turtles and frogs.  Due to strong opposition, it was not added to Fish and Game Code, thus the policy is useless.  Our pursuit of the issue was only ever for the animals, but  WE RETURN NOW TO SETTLE THIS ISSUE IN THE CONTEXT OF CORONAVIRUS.  PLEASE JOIN THE CRUSADE.  Wild animals do not belong on our plate or in our kids' hands.  Call us at 877.484.2364 or email us from the link below.

The Center for Biological Diversity is Calling You

TUESDAY APRIL 7 @ 4:30 PT The Center would like you to join its webinar and mobilize for its campaign, Saving Life on EarthPlease visit this document page and scroll to the bottom to find Ash Lauth's contact info, who stands by ready to send you information on joining.

(In Case You Missed It!)

Everyone knows by now that the dolphins in the Venice canals and the pink, drunken Yunnan elephants were feel-good hoaxes, but did you see the Goats of Llandudno?  They're for real!  And the ONION reported about thousands of white rhinos flooding the streets of NYC.  Coyotes and black bears are making their way into quiet corners of urban areas.  Do take care to bear-proof your property.  See tips from the experts. —>
(under "Coexisting with Coyotes and Bears)

Dial 2-1-1 for a 24/7 emergency, counseling and referral hotline. Example: Sacramento 2-1-1 fact sheet

Dial 3-1-1 Many cities support this abbreviated number with an information hotline:  • Anaheim  • Berkeley  • Los Angeles  • Oakland  • Riverside  • Sacramento  • San Francisco  • San Jose  |  and Orange County  (possibly others)

Many newspapers have free coronavirus news updates to which you can subscribe.  Here are some of the major ones:  Fresno BeeLA Times  • Mercury News  • OC Register  • SF Chronicle  • Sac Bee:  news updates  |  subscription  • San Diego Union-Tribune 


Thank you so much for your support!   Special thanks to Bonnie, Elaine, Mel, Jacqueline, Marion, James, Paula, Nancy, Sharyl, James, Mignon, Lee, Pamela, Judith, RIchard, Dwight, Reiner, Constantina, Ellis, Kim and Patricia!

Saving Life on Earth

AB 3030's goal (support) is to conserve at least 30 percent of California's land and 30 percent of the ocean within the state by 2030. 
AB 2607 (OPPOSE) would hide from the public every wrongdoing and controversial action taken by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
SB 54 & AB 1080 (support) would require all single-use packaging produced or imported into California to be recyclable or compostable by 2030.

Schnitzel, available at spcaLA:
All shelters and rescues are overloaded and probably overwhelmed at this time.  If you can offer help, that is a perfect reason to call.  If you're in need of information, try searching for it from trusted web sources rather than calling the rescues.  Other ways to help:
  • donate funds
  • share rescue & shelter posts on social media
  • share a link or pic of an animal in need when you email or message your friends

The Humane Education Coalition is a global alliance for a more compassionate world.
  • MORE VIDEOS on humane books and lessons
  • PODCASTS featuring guest speakers making a difference with humane education

California imports 2M nonnative bullfrogs & 400,000 turtles annually.
With each passing day, another organization is joining this fight, or another handful of reporters are crying out to the world to end the wildlife markets.  Please see these important links:

Wildlife Conservation Society
Global Policy to End Wildlife Trade for Consumption  |  PDF  |  CV19 updates
Petition to the U.S. Surgeon General
Center for BIological Diversity
Petition to U.S. Congress
American Tortoise Rescue
News Release
Further Reading at PawPAC

Conserve 30% of land and 30% of water by 2030.
Yes!  It's the same campaign as Ash Kalra's AB 3030 shown above!


Twitter exploded this week over the Kashimiri goats of Llandudno, Wales.
Coexisting with Coyotes and Bears
Miscellaneous Resources


San Francisco Chronicle California Map

At home with some flexibility of time?  Get involved with PawPAC!  We're more effective with numbers.  We're more effective with YOU!
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