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Vote for Animals ~ Vote for All
"Animal protection is a cornerstone of a mature society."
—Anthony Rendon, Assembly Speaker, AD 63

Those who protect animals also defend the environment and the most vulnerable in society.




The 2020 report card will be finalized as soon as the last data is posted,
probably in late October.

*Please see our updated endorsement list.  Press release here.

You asked, we listened!  Now's your chance to learn about how to get laws passed for animals.  Not just through PawPAC, but with your own organization or grassroots coalition!  The webinar is free, and will empower you to effect the change you envision for animals. RSVP to join us with Julie Lewin for this event!

PawPAC turned 40!
Thanks to all who joined the celebration!

PawPAC is grateful these candidates newly running for office have taken time to consider the animal and habitat issues. #JusticeMatters  It's the same fight for animals as w other societal issues. They who consider the least of those in society will advocate for all of us.

 Prop 14 
We are leaning to a position of no, but we're not ready with a full position statement.  Please contact me at to discuss.  Links:

SOS site on Prop 14
CA history on stem cell (through 2010 only)

PawPAC is honored & extremely grateful to these legislators/animal advocates. #Justice doesn't happen casually. From authoring bills to pet adoptions, to answering polls, office visits & more, we see that they care. We can't thank you enough for showing you #CARE! #VoteEarly


 2020 Legislative Report 

Bills that survived COVID-19:

AB 235 (Mayes) Endangered species. OPPOSE.  Would have amended the California Endangered Species act and put wildlife at risk. 
Further information from LA City Councilmembers Paul Koretz & David Ryu.  Status:  died in Senate NRW.

AB 1080 (Gonzalez) Plastic. SUPPORT.  Companion to SB 54.  The bill planned, by January 2032, a statewide 75% reduction of plastic waste generated from single-use packaging.  Details at  Status:  held at Assembly desk before concurrence.

AB 1788 (Bloom) Rodenticides.  SUPPORT.  As amended, AB 1788 will place a moratorium on four types of rodenticides used in wildlife habitat areas.  Assemblymember Bloom has been working on this issue for years with multiple bills that failed.  While AB 1788 passed, it only was able to do so with substantial amendments taken near the end of session.  Details at
ALDFStatus: signed by the Governor.

AB 1974 (Gray) Horse racing reform.  NO POSITION. Provides a number of horse racing reforms that would have been eclipsed by AB 2177.  AB 2177 was not heard per COVID guidance, but AB 1974 was heard because the chairs of Governmental Organization—which oversees horse racing—are both racing proponents, with one authoring AB 1974 and the other, SB 800).  Status: signed by the Governor.

AB 2152 (Gloria/O'Donnell) Pet sales.  SUPPORT.  A cleanup bill to Assemblymember O'Donnell's AB 485 (ch. 2017) to prohibit mill-bred animal sales in pet stores.  Breeders were posing as rescues.  The bill will permit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits only by public or private shelters or rescues that are in a cooperative agreement with the shelters.  Status: signed by the Governor.

AB 3030 (Kalra) Land/water conservation.  SUPPORT.  The bill had a sweeping plan to conserve 30% of California land and 30% of water by 2030.  Status: died in Senate Appropriations.

SB 54 (Allen) Plastic. SUPPORT.  Companion to AB 1080.  The two bills spent the majority of the year in the inactive file.  SB 54 was amended, passed Assembly, and placed in suspense by Senate Appropriations, then was brought for a Senate floor vote and failed passage on August 31, the last, long, grueling day of session.  The authors promised a ballot initiative, in so many words, so that voters can directly pass this.  For details, see
Cal Matters.  Status:  failed passage on Senate floor.

SB 573 (Chang) Microchips. SUPPORT.  The bill provides that shelters and rescues microchip dogs and cats before adoption.  Status:  signed by the Governor.SB 587 (Monning) Sea otters. SUPPORT.  The bill extends the California Sea Otter Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund until January 1, 2028.  With excessive wildfires, COVID and other crises in the state, the bill was signed without a gubernatorial fanfare, just after Defenders'
Sea Otter Awareness Week.  Status:  signed by the Governor.SB 800 (Dodd) Horse racing.  NO POSITION.  The bill will require the CHRB to publish weekly reports of racehorse fatalities.  It will in no way prevent or stop the deaths from occurring.  Status:  signed by the Governor.

SB 1044 (Allen) PFAS chemicals. SUPPORT.  The bill will prohibit the manufacture or sale of class B firefighting foam containing intentionally added PFAS chemicals.  "PFAS" stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (used in Teflon).  For details see
the EPA.  Status:  signed by the Governor.

SB 1175 (Stern) Wildlife protection. SUPPORT.  An amended version of Senator Stern's SB 1487, which was vetoed by Governor Brown in 2018, SB 1175 would have prohibited the possession of 13 African species by adding them to a list of threatened/endangered animals.  Amendments were added to protect frogs and turtles in live animal markets.  Status: failed passage of Senate concurrence.


Los Angeles Live Markets
Please write to the LA City Council to support a ban on live markets of poultry, sheep, goats, frog, turtles and other animals.

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2020 Endorsements
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