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Our small team needs volunteers to help proofread, etc!  :)  Assembly phone numbers below have been corrected to the 319 area code.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Give us a call or write to volunteer:  877.484.2364

 The Primary Election is Tuesday, March 3 

During this election, voters will vote for twenty Senate candidates in odd districts, all eighty Assembly candidates, plus one special election in Senate District 28.  The SD 28 seat was vacated mid-term last November by Jeff Stone.  PawPAC endorses Joy Silver for this seat.  Joy also has won the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, along with over 150 other endorsements.

For the other seats, we're releasing a selected list of of incumbents, or Assembly incumbents running Senate, based on past voting records.  We're still accepting candidate questionnaires and will be researching new candidates for the next several months.  Interested in the PawPAC questionnaire?  Check it out here.



 Federal Candidates & PawPAC's New Partner 

Looking for guidance on the presidential and congressional candidates?  Check out Animal Wellness Action!  AWA is achieving great gains for animals on Capitol Hill.  PawPAC is working with Animal Wellness Action as a partner for California legislative matters.  We highly recommend AWA's The Political Animal Blog, which features great podcasts as well as the blog.


 PawPAC Is Sponsoring a Bill! 

Please support AJR 26!

AJR 26, sponsored by PawPAC, is a bipartisan resolution to protect California wild horses and burros, introduced by Luz Rivas (AD 39) and Marie Waldron (AD 75).  The resolution calls for a moratorium on roundups, and adherence to the tenets of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.  Many resolutions move straight to the floor, but some may be referred to committee.  You can track the bill here for notifications, and we'll also send alerts if it's referred to committee.

For now, please write or call Assemblywoman Rivas' office to support AJR 26.  The office also has a fact sheet available upon request.

AJR 26: Support
Staff Contact:  Florencio Vaca


 Governor Newsom's Budget 

On January 10, Governor Newsom held a press release for his 2020-21 budget proposal, which includes $50M toward the goal of making California a no-kill state.

Press conference  |  Governor's budget  |  Section on the $50M proposal



 New Bills with Corrected Area Codes 

New bills will be listed soon after their introduction on the PawPAC site in the current bills section.  Here are some to take note of, as of February 14, with comments from René:

AB 479 (Nazarian) "California School Plant-Based Food and Beverage Program" SUPPORT.  Two-year bill from 2019.  Provides incentives to local educational agencies for including plant-based meal options in their menus.

Contact Noah Lightman
AB 1080 & SB 54 (Allen/Gonzalez) "California Circular Economy and Pollution Reduction Act" SUPPORT.  Two-year bill from 2019.  Requires all single-use packaging manufactured on or after January 1, 2030 to be recyclable or compostable.

Contact Tina Andolina
AB 1788 (Bloom) "California Ecosystems Protection Act of 2019" SUPPORT.  Expands the prohibition of pesticides containing anticoagulants in wildlife habitat areas to the entire state.

Contact Brady McCarthy
AB 2002 (Kalra) "California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act" SUPPORT.  Requires contractors contracted by state agencies beginning January 1, 2023 to certify that the commodities were not grown, derived, harvested, reared, or produced on land where tropical deforestation occurred on or after January 1, 2021.

Contact Roseryn Bhudsabourg
AB 2059 (Kamlager)  SUPPORT with AMENDMENT.  Prohibits labs from conducting tests or studies on dogs that involve the application of or exposure to chemical substance. PawPAC comment: the word "dog" should be changed to "animal," as it is well documented that rabbits, birds, rats, mice, guinea pigs, frogs and fish are also subjected to the same experiments.

Contact Alina Evans
AB 2117 (O'Donnell) "Pet Store Animal Care Act" update & AB 2152 (Gloria) QUESTIONS.  There are two conflicting bills about pets being sold/adopted in pet stores.  AB 2117 requires pet stores to sell dogs, cats and bunnies that are only from public shelters.  AB 2152 calls for zero pet store sales of these animals, but authorizes the stores to allocate space for public shelters and rescue groups to showcase the animals.  PawPAC comment:  O'Donnell cracked down on the puppy mill-pet store pipeline in 2017 w/ AB 485, which allowed pet stores to sell pets only from shelters and rescues.  But then puppy mills began posing as "rescues."  While it limits available outlets for legitimate rescues, AB 2117 would close the door to the "puppy mill rescue," whereas AB 2152 places the responsibility on the rescues, not the pet store, for the sale and origin of the animals. We've contacted both offices but don't have replies yet.

Arturo Salaices (O'Donnell)

Juan Reyes (Gloria)
AB 2177 (Kalra) On horse racing.  SUPPORT.  Makes a number provisions to preserve horse racing in California, including (just a brief summary):

  • adding an independent welfare panel to advise CHRB (California Horse Racing Board)
  • upgrading large tracks with stall cameras, CT scanners, onsite pharmacies, etc
  • requiring blood tests with "split samples," where one sample is saved for an independent lab test if needed, with added guidelines for CO2 testing, and positive drug tests posted publicly on the web within 24 hours
  • developing regulations on the use of minerals, vitamins and supplements
  • requiring that no drugs be administered after a horse is entered in a race, and that drugs may only be used by vets for specific medical conditions after examining the horse
  • requires that a trainer's license be suspended for a horse death and suspended or revoked for 3 drug violations
  • specifies measures for health record transparency
There is nothing in the bill which addresses a minimum age for horses to be entered in races.  This was among one of the greatest concerns with the deaths of many young horses that were reported over the last year.

PawPAC comments:  Please see and retweet our tweet.  PawPAC's position is that, no matter how stringent horse racing law is, horses should not be exploited in racing.

Dr. John Ferraro, DVM and Chair of CHRB, wrote in a 1992 article in The American Review:

"In general, treatments designed to repair a horse’s injuries and to alleviate its suffering are now used to get the animal out onto the track to compete—to force the animal, like some punchdrunk fighter, to make just one more round. Equine veterinary medicine has been misdirected from the art of healing to the craft of portfolio management, and the business of horse racing is in the process of killing its goose with the golden eggs.”

Contact Roseryn Bhudsabourg

There are no committee hearing dates on the calendar yet for the bills, but they should be scheduled soon, in the order that the bills were introduced.  You can track the bills directly from the CA Leg website.  Here's a link to track AJR 26, and you can register from the page there.


 Thank You for Your Support 

Many of you sent donations after receiving the Voting Record.  Thank you so much for your support!  PawPAC will contribute to campaigns of candidates who demonstrate their advocacy for animals, but we can't do it without you.  Candidates are more sensitive to the issues we voice when we support them.  Please consider volunteering, or share our work with a friend and ask them to contribute.  Time and money are the animals' two greatest assets.

For the animals,

René Rowland, Chair

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