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Sunday 17 May 2020
Sixth Sunday of Easter
This week's REFLECTION
'The Last Supper', André Derain, 1880-1954

Acts 17.22-31 · Psalm 66. 7-end · 1 Peter 3.13-end · John 14. 15-21

‘I will not leave you orphaned’ (John 14:18)

Jesus continues to prepare his disciples for his passion, building them up in the expectation that, though he must leave them, he is not abandoning them. He will ask the Father to send the Advocate, the Spirit, to continue to teach them and remind them of what he has already shown them. The promise of the Spirit makes explicit what was already hinted at in the first part of this chapter, read last Sunday: the mutual love within the Godhead has a threefold shape. True life springs from love, given, received and communicated.

One of the spiritual tragedies in our time is the loss of personal relationship in daily life that has come through our increasingly automated world. We are in danger of becoming spiritually autistic, isolated and empty, aware only of our own needs and incapable of recognizing the reality of other people. Christ shows us that our neediness cannot be met by grasping at what we imagine will satisfy us. Ultimately, we need to recognize our emptiness and turn away from ourselves to the love that already embraces us. At the point at which Jesus faces utter exclusion and rejection, he assures us that the divine persons make their home with those who believe. 'On that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you' (v.20).

We have our own passion to bear and may experience loneliness, trouble and abandonment, but Christ leaves us his promise that all will be well.

Angela Tilby


A new look to Sunday mornings

This Sunday (May 17) we are moving to a new way of broadcasting our Sung Eucharist. Instead of a live celebration on our Facebook Page at 11am you will find a pre-recorded the service. This means that we are able to include the voices of members of the congregation in the the readings and intercessions. There will also be the opportunity to sing hymns thanks to a collaboration between the Church of England and the Choir of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.  And this week the Bishop of Kensington, the Rt. Revd. Dr. Graham Tomlin, will be our preacher, reflecting on how to cope in lockdown. 

In addition, you are invited to join us LIVE in our Zoom Room for a Coffee Break every Sunday at 12 noon. Just copy and paste the link below into your search engine. It will give those of us online the opportunity to catch up with each other. Meanwhile, our weekday services will continue LIVE on our Facebook Page at 10am, Tuesday to Friday.

We hope you will appreciate these new developments and look forward to hearing what you think! 

Live weekday services this week

Help us create our own YouTube Page

We urgently need your support to create our very own Parish YouTube Page. Once we have our own dedicated page it will be much easier for others to find. 

What to do next...

Click on this link:

And click Subscribe.

YouTube may ask you to log in. If you have Gmail or Yahoo e-mail (plus some others) you can log into YouTube using the email and password for those.

Thanks for your support!

Clinton McMaster
Facilities and Events Manager


Chelsea's all-year-round Flower Show 

It's the Chelsea Flower Show this week but, like so much else, this year's show is going online. We asked Gogo-Rose Ilo, the creator and sustainer of our own Patio Garden and a member of the Parochial Church Council, to tell us about the progress she has been making on the prize-winning garden during the Coronavirus Pandemic...

The Year 2020 marked the 7 th Year Anniversary of the Holy Trinity Church Patio Garden. While the Pandemic raged, life in the Plant world continued as ordained by incomparable Nature. All protocols of the Seasons were duly observed and respected by the relevant plants and blooms. The happy plants are growing beautifully and responding superbly to loving tender care. They all flowered in their due Season I am delighted to report that Daffodils, Narcissi, blue and white Muscaris and the snake-like Fritillarias appeared in the Winter and Spring. Many varieties of Tulips including the ‘Frankenstein Tulip’, the Firecracker the striped and white Tulips were in full bloom and danced to the cool breeze of Spring. The Easter Roses, the Calla lilies and the unique collection of Ferns were also in attendance.

The Herb corner now has the Fenugreek plant. The mini-Orchard of 6 Fruit trees have settled- in after six years in training. I am happy to showcase the 11- months old Travellers Palm as our 2020  celebrity. This Therapeutic Garden invites everyone to come and celebrate the beauty and song in the Plants, Herbs and Flowers. Let us appreciate the other Species of Nature created by the Almighty God, Who is beyond comprehension and measure! And let all your thoughts exalt the Lord!

To God be all the Glory!

Gogo-Rose Ilo,
Regular Creative Gardener, HTC Patio Garden on Sloane Street.

NEXT WEEK we will be sharing photographs from members of the congregation of their favourite flowers and plants

A treat from Holy Trinity Choir: 'Tu es Petrus' by Robert Lucas Pearsall

A time to keep on giving

The present situation is having a dramatic financial effect on many people and organisations. Holy Trinity is not immune from this. Without public worship on Sundays and weekdays our income from giving is dropping by at least £1,000 per week. Some members of the congregation already give by standing order, direct debit or through online payments. If you are not doing this already, we would be so grateful if you could start:

Holy Trinity Church PCC
Account Number: 23364580
Sort Code: 60-19-26

...or if you prefer to send a cheque, please do not hesitate to do so:

The Treasurer
Holy Trinity Church
146 Sloane Street
London SW1X 9BZ

You can boost your donation by 25p for every £1 you donate with Gift Aid. Some of you regularly give with Gift Aid, so we are able to claim the extra money you kindly donate by bank transfer or standing order, as your declaration remains valid until you tell us otherwise.

For those new donations coming via our bank account which we don't already have a Gift Aid form, our Finance Team will be in touch by email to ask you if you would like to do so. It will help us if you can alert us in advance:

Please do not feel under any pressure to complete the Gift Aid Form. It is entirely up to you and we are very grateful for any penny you can spare to support our church's mission and ministry.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Every Sunday, Junior Church meets online at 11am for 20 minutes via Zoom.  The children continue to be inspired by all of the fascinating art  talks from Alex Borthwick. This week, Sophia and Max made a dinosaur and rainbow stained glass window drawing. Jemima designed a beautiful brooch of a cross and Philae and Samuel also designed beautiful brooches with a little bit of bling! If your family would like to join this joyous occasion each week, please email the Parish Office for the login details.

Sophie Wilson
Keeping in touch with your Church

If you wish to contact the Parish Office for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the Parish Mobile as all members of staff continue to work from home.
Parish Mobile 07842 486514
...and don't forget to access our news and notices through our website
...and you can find our online services LIVE on Facebook
...or RECORDED on our Youtube Channel
... and lots more on our Twitter Page

Getting their hands dirty at St. Saviour's

Since lockdown began, our Churchwarden Jeff Kabel and Facilities Manager Clinton McMaster have had their hands full with something rather unpleasant at St. Saviour's Church.

All the plumbing at St Saviour's drains into a sump tank which can hold about 1000 gallons and is located at the bottom of the stairwell to the basement from the foyer. From there a shredder pump at the bottom of the tank sends everything up to street level to join the sewer system. Should the pump fail a high-level alarm is supposed to sound to let us know the tank is filling up.

And fail it has and required five visits to sort out in the midst of the restrictions under which we are all living.  It's not been possible to delay the repairs because unless the sump pump is working the building cannot be used by us or by Knightsbridge School who rent a number of rooms.. 

The cost of the repairs has added up to £9,500 and because there was no damage to the building nor loss of income we are unable to make a claim on our insurance. It's one of the hidden burdens of caring for these great church buildings that we have to bear. We have been very fortunate to have Jeff and Clinton to carry the work through to completion and it only remains now to pay the bill!

Fr. Nicholas


Cleansing the doors of Perception  

Christine Green, a member of our Arts and Crafts Festival Committee, writes about a poet who inspired the Arts & Crafts Movement

William Blake, poet, prophet, and artist, wrote his visionary poem Jerusalem, the Emanation of the Giant Albion between 1804 and 1821, illustrating it with 100 beautiful plates.  He wrote it at a time of growing industrialisation in Britain, military prowess, and the age of ‘Enlightenment’  with the scientific mechanistic laws of Bacon, Newton and Locke.

Blake emanates a vision of peace through the journey of the visionary blacksmith Los -   the incorruptible soul - who forges his way to union with the Divine.  The Bible, Dante, and Milton’s poem Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained were sources of inspiration. This is a road map for the psychological healing of the individual as well as nations.

Blake's vision of Nature would inspire the architects of the Arts & Crafts’ Movement decades later as seen in the stained glass windows in Holy Trinity church.   He would have understood that in order for life on earth to flourish new ways of thinking and seeing need to be found -  Re-awakening the Imagination, embracing Beauty and listening to the Intelligence of the Heart, means whereby our own world might be healed and transformed in the 21st Century.

Christine Green

Trying my hand at Verse

Paul Isolani-Smyth, a member of the congregation along with his wife Teresa, continues to share with us his poems about life during lockdown and the coronavirus...

God's Love
People are suffering much just now
many even unto death
from an unseen germ that makes us hot
and takes away our breath
Some ask is this the work of God
punishing us for our sins?
But God is patient, kind  and good
He would not so do us in
As for our sins that debt was paid
by His dear Son Jesus Christ
for t'was Jesus Christ who paid in full
that dreadful painful bill
He paid it out of love for us
as He hung on Calvary's hill
It was an earth based creature
that came from dog or bat
infecting first some innocent man
there seems little doubt about that
Like some unseen mugger
hits us with the force of a train
the virus hold us in a press
causing our lungs great pain
But by dint of targeted medical care
compassion and nurses' finesse
the virus will shudder, yield, and finally die
at the hands of our brave NHS.
Best wishes to all,

Feeding the hungry at St. Cuthbert's

Volunteer chefs are cooking 100 three-course meals every day for homeless people amid the coronavout break. The St. Cuthbert’s Centre, next to St. Cuthbert's Church in Earl’s Court, usually provides a fine-dining experience for rough sleepers and other vulnerable members of the community who come together to socialise and have a hot meal on a daily basis.

The open door service, known as Refettorio Felix and under the umbrella of non-profit organisation Food for Soul, is run by an amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Visitors also enjoy 'takeovers' by celebrity chefs including a team from Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck who come to cook. But since the UK went into lockdown and enforced social distancing measures, the service has not been able to run as normal. Instead, the charity is providing three-course hot lunches as a takeout service seven days a week between 1-2pm. They have 12 volunteers a day making it happen and offer deliveries in some cases as well.

Chief Executive of St Cuthbert's Centre Ali Kingsley says: "We quickly changed to a takeaway service. Now people queue up in the street outside, two metres apart, and get given a freshly cooked three-course meal and a drink in takeaway packaging. About 90% of the people who come are rough sleepers and the other 10% are vulnerable members of the community. Most of the rough sleepers have been housed one way or another but in places without cooking facilities or can't afford food. There is a lot of community support but still people are struggling to access that - we have made it as easy as possible. You just turn up and we will be able to feed you for the day.
"We have had excellent feedback. People are so happy. We regularly hear that people wouldn't eat unless we give it to them, it's as simple as that." He added: "To be in this industry and not be able to do what we need to do in the time people need it the most would be awful. I feel grateful to be able to help. We see first hand how the need is being filled and how grateful people are."

The charity also delivers hot food to NHS staff as part of its mission to help during the Covid-19 pandemic. Volunteers also make 100 meals for elderly people in the community every day which are then delivered by Age UK. And they help the SMART mental health charity in their efforts to provide food for people in need.

The takeaway meals cooked by the chefs at the St Cuthbert's Centre have included venison stew with truffle mash, a pork stew, a Middle Eastern style salad and desserts have included a lemon drizzle cake. All their ingredients are donated, as usual, through local restaurants and suppliers with a huge donation from the Felix project. Sally Abe, Head Chef at the Harwood Arms in Fulham, has also joined the team of volunteers. She says: "It's nice to feel we are making a difference instead of being stuck at home. The queue outside is getting bigger and bigger each day because a lot of the shelters have closed." Speaking of providing meals for the NHS she added: "It's making people's days a bit brighter. "It's nice to be able to give something back to the community."

Parish Diary
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Sixth Sunday of Easter
Intention: Parish and People                   
11.00am  The Eucharist

Monday 18 May
Intention: The sick

Tuesday 19 May
Dunstan, archbishop, monastic reformer, 988

Intention: Doctors and Nurses
10am Morning Prayer

Wednesday 20 May
Alcuin, deacon, abbot, 804

Intention: Teachers

10am Morning Prayer
4pm PCC Standing Committee

Thursday 21 May
Ascension Day

Intention: Shopworkers
10am Morning Prayer

Friday 22 May
Intention: The clergy
10am Morning Prayer

Saturday 23 May
Intention: The Government

Sunday after Ascension Day
Intention: Parish and People                      
11.00am  The Eucharist

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