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We've got some special news to share with you in this newsletter, so make sure to read it through! We'll cover a message from our CEO, our new pricing model, and some highlighted changes we've made on Afterthought System!
A message from our CEO
Hey there everyone

This is a quick and brief announcement. I, Drake Dussault, am taking another extended leave of absence. My family and I have tried to stay diligent with the COVID pandemic, however working in Healthcare is a dangerous job. Yesterday I tested positive for COVID-19.

I will be gone for approximately a months time. My children, my fiancee, and myself are isolating at home together and going to pray none of us get seriously ill due to the virus.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy,
Our new pricing model
I'm excited to share with you our newly improved pricing model to provide more affordable solutions for our roleplay communities. We also added an automatic 14 day trial for first-time users on our Basic Plan.
You can learn more about our new pricing options at
Learn more about pricing
Did you know that we offer two-factor authentication?
Did you know that we offer two-factor authentication to all users now? We recently released a new feature allowing users to have access to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your account to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.
Learn more about two-factor authentication
We've been working on a mobile responsive civilian manager!
From recent statistics, we've seen that about 30% of our users use our system on a mobile device. As a result, we started this initiative to start development on a mobile version of our system, we started with a new civilian panel as seen above.
Learn more about our mobile friendliness efforts
Community Partner Highlight
We recently partnered with Blue Country Roleplay, a FiveM roleplaying community focused on professional and realistic roleplay. They have spent countless hours making the perfect foundation to ensure good quality, but yet enjoying roleplay. They always strive for professionalism, realism, and being original. Check them out below!
Check out Blue Country Roleplay
Thanks for reading this newsletter, we highlighted some new amazing features either on or coming soon to our system. Stay tuned for new and more exciting updates coming very soon as we head into 2021!

- Johnny, Drake, and the Afterthought System Team
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