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Replacing flammable🔥 A2L class R32 with non-flammable A1 class R410A

Important: The solution is due to manufactures Cartel of equipment utilising R32 (A2L flammable refrigerant) being illegally, forced not to supply current & safe (A1 class non-flammable refrigerant) in the UK and some other countries?

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The Safe & Legal Solution:

1 - Investigating Replacing A2L 🔥 R32 with A1 R410A
in a DX cycle

Space Air with 43 years experience have investigated the possibility of replacing A2L class🔥 R32 flammable refrigerant with A1 class non-flammable current R410A, coupled with:

  1. Internal & external monitored tests, (Since August 2020)

  2. Analysing compatibility of equipment components used in R32 & R410A (see bleow),

  3. Checking operating conditions, capacities & parameters (see below),

  4. Monitoring conclusions and changes of laws & regulations as a consequence of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

2 - Facts / Action :
Technically & Legally drop A1 class R410A in A2L class 🔥 R32 equipment in a DX cycle
due to:

  1. A1 class non-flammable R410A is a mixture of 50% flammable 🔥 R32 & 50% non-flammable R125.
    - R125 acts as a
    Suppressant to the flammability of R32 and less miscible with oil.
    - The reason for the creation in 2001 of A1 class HFC, R410A as non-flammable zero ODP, to replace HCFC R22 (A1 class non-flammable) due to ozone depletion potential when leaked, to meet the Montreal Protocol.

  2. The operating (pressures & temperatures) are better for R410A, & below 🔥R32 (e.g.+20°C discharge temp) (see enthalpy charts below)

  3. A2L class flammable 🔥 R32 & A1 class non-flammable R410A compressor oils are the same, but 🔥R32 has higher oil miscibility than R410A (see point 4 & 5)

  4. A2L class 🔥 R32 refrigerant charge is less than A1 class R410A due points 2 & 3 above, which might ignite the oil in the compression cycle)

  5. Nominal capacities of equipment charged with A2L class 🔥 R32 are the same as A1 class non-flammable R410A, even with less refrigerant charge. This is achieved by increasing the inverter compressor speed to compensate for:
    a) less refrigerant, b) high oil miscibility and c) high discharge temperature.

  6. The refrigeration DX circuit for 🔥 R32 has extra safety controls due high discharge temp & flammability.

  7. The compressor model, specification and electrical characteristics for both R410A & 🔥 R32 are the same (LG equipment and other manufacturers?)
    (Spare parts list for R32 & R410A equipment should be available from manufacturers)

  8. Indoor units are dual refrigerant: configuration, duty, airflow. pipe configuration and electrical characteristics. Note: anti spark pcb due to flammability of 🔥 R32.

3 - Why R32? or A2L class?

  1. Put on the market products that dose not meet H&S 2016 no.1107 or meeting CE (UKCA) or Advertising Standards (ASA - CAP Code)

  2. Forcing the supply of equipment charged with flammable A2L class 🔥 HFC32 (as a single component) by withdrawing legal, current & safe A1 class non-flammable which has been around since 1928

  3. Ambiguous advertising without clear flammable warnings at point of sale as dictated by Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) CAP Code etc.

  4. Not meeting their own Code of Ethics

Q1: Will the warranty is affected?
A: No, due to the above & following reasons:
Note: All main components are the same (Compressor, Evaporator, Expansion Valve, oil etc) for both R32 & R410A- (see spare parts list)
Q2: Can you claim the cost of replacing flammable 🔥 R32 with non-flammable R410A to meet your legal obligations?
A: In theory YES (you should challenge manufacturers):
Manufacturers are supplying un certified product:

Pressure/enthalpy charts and further details showing non-flammable R410A operating conditions is well below flammable 🔥 R32 as a single component.
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Refrigerants, Facts, Standards/Classification and Qualifications

⚠️Warning: It is against the law to work with F-Gas (refrigerants classified under ISO817 & ASHRAE 34) if you do not have the correct qualifications. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law

Health & Safety, UL Flammability test & Extra measures

CCPI mandatory information requirements from manufacturers
clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible & unambiguous

Advertising Standards, Compliance & Government Guidelines

Supply Chain to ensure Safety & Compliance

Heat Pump range with non-flammable R410A

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