Refrigerant Handling
Engineers Qualification & Certification

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(CFC, HCFC, HFC, HC & HFO’s, natural or man-made) are controlled substances due to:
i) high pressures (100 - 450 psi) (7-32 bar),
extreme temperatures (-50°C to 140°C),
iii) flammability (A1, A2/A2L, A3) &
v) toxicity (B1, B2, B3)
as classified by International Standards
. & UK/EU BSEN378 Safety & Environmental requirements.

Refrigerants must only be handled by qualified & certified engineers to:
C&G 2079-11 for (A1 class non-flammable),
plus C&G 6187-21 for (A2/A2L/A3 class flammable/explosive)

City & Guilds (C&G) is an Environmental & Safety qualification for engineers who handles, install, maintain and service air conditioning, Heat Pumps and refrigeration equipment that contain refrigerants.

Warning: It is against the law to work with F-Gas (refrigerants) if you do not have the correct qualifications. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law. (Click here)

to find a course search Google : City & Guild 2079-11 and City & Guilds 6178-21

F-Gas certification is (based on C&G 2079) & no longer applicable since June 2021.
- C&G 2079 is ONLY applicable to A1 class non-flammable. e.g. all CFC’s, HCFC R22 and most HFC like R407C, R410A, R134A, R466, R404, R513A etc since 1928
- C&G 6187-12 is extra certification required when handling A2L class🔥 flammable (R32, R454B) introduced in AC/HP in 2015 & A3 class 🔥/💥 flammable/explosive refrigerants (all HC such as R270, R290, R600a etc) introduced in 2005 .

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