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Refrigerant News
Friday 12th August 2022

Refrigerant - Engineers Certification

Safety - Energy Efficiency  - Environmental Impact

Refrigerants (natural or man-made chemicals) used in a DX Cycle, are controlled substances due to their,
a) high pressures (up to 30 bar / 440 psi),
b) extreme temperatures (-50˚C to 140˚C),
c) flammability (A1, A2, A3 class) &
d) toxicity (B1, B2 B3 class) 
According to ISO 817 and ASHRAE 34 Standards & Classification
Did you know?

It is against the law to work with F gas (refrigerants) if you do not have the correct qualifications. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law. 

Qualifications to handle controlled substances (refrigerants)

Any equipment containing refrigerants MUSY only be handled by certified engineers holding City & Guilds 2079 (equipment containing A1 class non-flammable) PLUS City & Guilds 6187-21 (if equipment containing A2L 🔥 flammable such as  R32, R454B or A3 class flammable🔥 & explosive 💥HC such as R290 , R270 or R600a) 
City & Guilds 2079
(A1 class non-flammable)
  • Did you know, that C&G 2079 covers A1 class non-flammable ONLY like old CFCs (R11, R12, R502, HCFC (R22) or current HFCs (R410A, R407C, R404, R134a, R466. It does not include A2L or A3 classes (See C&G 6187)
  • Where to find a course provider:
    Search Google for C&G 2709
City & Guilds 6187-21
(A2L & A3 class flammable 🔥 Explosive 💥)
  • Aimed at experienced engineers who work on systems containing A3 class flammable 🔥 & explosive 💥 Hydrocarbon (R270, R290, R600a) and A2L Flammable 🔥 (R32, R454B) Refrigerants.
  • To enrol on this course you must hold the C&G 2079-11, 2079-12  
  • Where to find a course provider:
    Search Google for C&G 6187-21


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