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  • MQTT and Telematics
  • IoT Network Technologies
  • Aplicom Use Case: Warehouse Forklift Telemetry

MQTT and Telematics


Messaging Queue Transport Telemetry, or MQTT, is the backbone of several Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Aplicom T-Series and Aplicom Silver Cloud service also utilize MQTT, as it provides easy integration to several network infrastructures.

But what is MQTT? How does it work, and what are its applications?

Find out how Aplicom Silver Cloud solution combined with Aplicom T-series telematics devices is a perfect way to start adapting your business needs to a real-time responsive data driven platform. Deployment and provisioning of devices to existing cloud services, or to an existing business MQTT broker is straightforward, fast, and secure – adding value to your business and your clients.

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IoT Network Technologies

Changes to mobile networks are on the way. With 3G reaching its sunset phase, questions arise about how this affects IoT and telemetry solutions. Will current devices still work in the future? How can you prepare for this shift? What is the future of IoT enabling networks and telematics?

We wrote a blog post where we inspected the history, current landscape of some major IoT network technologies, and where the industry is headed. We also inspected which networks the next generation of Aplicom products, such as the recently launched T-Series T10 G, support and why.

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Aplicom Use Case: Warehouse Forklift Telemetry


Telemetry is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency of your forklift fleet. With their internal sensors and configurable software, Aplicom telematics devices equip you with many highly efficient ways to collect operational and technical data on these vehicles.

Besides providing you with important data, Aplicom devices also offer other functionality, such as user access control and real-time alarms.

The typical benefits of telemetry include better utilisation of resources, less downtime and improved safety. Telemetry data can benefit all parties involved in its collection: the driver, the business owner and even the equipment manufacturer.

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