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It has been a busy three months at VALIDATE and we are gearing up for an even busier upcoming quarter... more on this below! The VALIDATE Network continues its global expansion and we now have 421 members from 213 institutes across 63 countries. Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, our members have continued their amazing work developing vaccines for tuberculosisleishmaniasis, melioidosis and leprosy. New members are always welcome at VALIDATE so do encourage your colleagues and collaborators to join.
Launching 24 March 2021: BCG100
On 18 July 1921, a Parisienne newborn infant received the first ever human dose of an experimental vaccine called Bacille Calmette-Guérin. BCG has subsequently been given to billions of people across the planet, saving tens of millions of lives that would have been lost to one of history’s greatest killers - TB. To celebrate the centenary of this first use, VALIDATE is launching our BCG100 Programme and we'd love you to get involved.
The Programme
A key VALIDATE aim is 'to help interested people in the general public find out more about our research and the diseases we’re tackling in an accessible format'. So, starting on World TB Day on 24 March, throughout 2021 BCG100 will consist of events and online activities aiming to educate the public about vaccination and to promote the work VALIDATE researchers are doing to improve or replace the BCG vaccine. The campaign will also provide resources to allow our members to undertake their own public engagement.

Get Involved
As a VALIDATE programme our members will be front and centre to BCG100. We have a range of activities planned including everything from public events to computer games. Check out the BCG100 page for more details and if you have any ideas or questions about BCG100, email the VALIDATE Team or post your thoughts on the VALIDATE Hub.
bcg adventures  game controller
VALIDATE Awarded Enriching Engagement Grant

We are pleased to announce that the VALIDATE Team and the McShane TB group were successful in obtaining a grant in support of an exciting BCG100 project. Engagement Enrichment is a pilot grants programme open to Wellcome grant holders and awardees at the University of Oxford, to develop and deliver Public Engagement with Research projects.

The funds will support an exciting public engagement activity - BCG Adventures, a series of simple, browser-based, retro computer games that aim to raise interest and awareness of vaccine development. The VALIDATE Team will need help from our members to help with this exciting project to check out the BCG100 Members' Page and the VALIDATE hub for more information on how you can get involved.

Past Events Round-Up

VALIDATE for Schools

On 9 December 2020 students from across the UK joined VALIDATE members Prof Helen McShane and Dr Rachel Tanner online for the first VALIDATE for Schools event. Helen and Rachel talked about their careers, TB, animal testing and sweaty t-shirt experiments. You can watch the video on YouTube and share it with any kids you know who are interested in vaccine research and careers in science.

Seminar: Immune profiles of healing in
cutaneous leishmaniasis, what to target and when?

VALIDATE's final event of 2020 took place on 15 December 2020 when 60 VALIDATE members connected online to hear this excellent talk by Dr Maria Adelaida Gomez - catch up on YouTube.

VALIDATE ECR Workshop Series 2021: Grant Writing

On February 24th we kicked off our first 2021 event with Prof Helen McShane and Sam Vermaak discussing how to write great grant applications, for 40 VALIDATE ECRs. The video will be available soon and you can continue to ask questions in the ECR Channel of the VALIDATE Hub.

Upcoming Events

VALIDATE ECR Workshop Series 2021: Research Project & Grant Management for Researchers Project Management - 17 March 2021

This workshop aims to help VALIDATE Early Career Researchers widen and improve non-technical skills necessary to progress their careers. Sam, who is an experienced research project manager, will be taking you through her tips to plan and run a successful research project and to manage your research grants - the main point being to keep a defined project running efficiently, so that it finishes on time and on budget, and achieves its original aims. Find out more and register online.

Capturing and recreating recombinant polycloncal antibodies for passive immunization to treat difficult to treat infections - 11 March 2021

In a recent publication in Nature Biotechnology, Dr Sheila Keating and her team have demonstrated the technology to capture entire immune repertoires from infected or vaccinated individuals, to be used to treat difficult to treat infections - and have demonstrated this work with COVID and respiratory bacterial infections. In this talk, Sheila will describe the technology and will map out potential pathways for developing passive immune therapeutics that will not only treat but also help to prime immune responses to protect against future infections.  Find out more and register online.

BCG100 Events


BCG Then & Now - A Public Lecture from the VALIDATE Network - 24 March 2021

In BCG Then and Now, Prof Paul Fine & Prof Helen McShane will take us on a journey from the initial development of the vaccine to the modern-day challenges in the fight against TB and the future challenges researchers face in replacing the enduring BCG vaccine. Find out more and register online.

BCG100 for Schools - 11 May 2021
A follow up/spin-off from our very successful VALIDATE for Schools event, Professor Michele Miller and Dr Wynand Johan Goosen from Stellenbosch University will be talking to students from around the World about their careers, their TB vaccine research and their work with African wildlife. Please help make this event a success by spreading the word - Find out more and register online.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science
11 February 2021

VALIDATE joined the global science community to celebrate the essential role women and girls play in science and technology and to support full and equal access to and participation in science around the world.

Throughout the day, VALIDATE celebrated the amazing work of our women members by tweeting a series of infographics featuring Maria Adelaida GomezRita Ziem EkekpiMaria Elena BottazziDragomira MajhenNassira BelmessabihWalderez Dutra, Siobhán McClean and Sumaya Mohayideen.

You can find and share our activity from the day on Twitter.

World NTD Day - 30 January 2021

We had a busy week on Twitter engaging around World NTD Day, tweeting 24 times throughout the day celebrating our members' amazing work towards eradicating NTDs.

World Leprosy Day - 31 Jan 2021

VALIDATE Associate Dr Hua Wang and Comms Coordinator Blakeley Nixon produced a short YouTube video about Leprosy, aiming to raise awareness about this devastating disease in the general public. In the video, Hua talks about leprosy and it's continued impact in the world today, how it can be tackled, and how VALIDATE is supporting research towards a vaccine. We ask our members to share the video as widely as possible.
We post any relevant jobs, grants, events and training that we spot on our website and social media so do take a look!

VALIDATE Publications - new this quarter by our members

Can what we have learnt about BCG vaccination in the last 20 years help us to design a better tuberculosis vaccine?.  Vaccine

Characterization of a new Leishmania major strain for use in a controlled human infection model. Nature Communications

A non-human primate in vitro functional assay for the early evaluation of TB vaccine candidates. NJP Vaccines

Role of Burkholderia pseudomallei–Specific IgG2 in adults with acute melioidosis, Thailand. Emerging Infection Diseases

Genomic Diversity of Burkholderia pseudomallei Isolates. CDC
Please remember to include VALIDATE, EDCTP2 and the MRC in the acknowledgements section of any VALIDATE publications - and tell us about your papers so we can publicise them!

How To Build Your Network Via VALIDATE

Find a collaborator online
Use our online members directory to find and contact researchers with aligned research interests. You can also search by location and organisation using our Collaborating Institutes page, or connect with other members via the VALIDATE LinkedIn.

Connect and chat with members easily on our VALIDATE Hub - where there's even a channel specifically for ECRs to network and support each other, and one for anyone looking for collaborators.

Attend a meeting
Meet other VALIDATE members, in person or online at our annual meetings, workshops, and seminars.

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