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Old Farts
Treasure Coast Recap

from Thursday, November 3rd, 2022… 

Old Farts...

Back in my ground school days, our instructor would say something like… “This is a Sectional Chart… not a map! Everything on the chart, is on the ground. Not, everything on the ground, is on the chart!”

My RSVP list for these events is something like that. “Not every plane on my list is on the ramp. Nor, is every plane on the ramp, on my list.” No matter, things always seem to work out just fine. Yesterday was a perfect example. I can think of five or six from my list who didn’t show. And, there were five or six, who showed, but weren’t on the list. I think the list totaled 38 aircraft… and we ended up with exactly that number. Magic! 

It was a beautiful day to aviate. Long story, but I drove my old Ford truck. KFPR is just fifteen miles from home. I arrived about 8:30… just in time to catch our perennial “Early Bird” Ed Crouse, ready to fire up his Rans and depart. A small group arrived for breakfast soon thereafter. We had a great chat over coffee. By mid morning, the lunch crowd began to taxi in. The FBO had a good crew on hand for us, and I believe everyone was flagged into a spot. 

Jennifer and Mandy were soon very busy waiting tables, while the kitchen staff churned out one great looking plate of food after another. Frank, the FBO manager busied himself with bussing tables. It was all hands on deck to service the regular crowd, plus our 75-80 Old Fart patrons. I heard zero complaints and saw lots of smiles. Another FUN Old Fart gathering! I really enjoyed this one.

Next week, Thursday, November 10th is Arcadia X06. Shelley and her staff will be ready for us. Lunch will be provided by EAA Chapter 66 out of Page Field. This will be a fund raiser for them. Look for details in an invite late Sunday. 

At the end of this post, you’ll find my “This Week’s Favorite”. Old Fart Rick Caldwell flew his Sonex motor glider down from Melbourne. It checked a lot of boxes on my list of likes ☑️… owner built, different, craftsmanship, ramp appeal, etc. I asked Rick to send along a few notes about the Sonex. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I just copied them to a text box with the pics. Congratulations Rick… it’s a beautiful ship and looks like a lot of fun! 

Also toward the end, you’ll find a “Save The Date” notice for a Fly-In at Indian Hammock on December 17. If you are aware of, or are affiliated with GA activities like this, I’ll be happy to share them here. A copy of a digital flyer, like this one, works best. 

I’ve also included info on how to order Old Fart Flying Club gear from our supplier. 

Until next time, Old Fart Roger is signing off. Keep the shiny side up! 

P.S. That’s Old Fart Bjorne Sorensen with the for sale sign in the top pic. If you’re interested in a Thorpe 18… email me for his contact info. And, NO!, I don’t want to make it a habit of advertising airplanes? 😂


Hi Roger,

Thank you for being the organizer of the fly-outs. It was good to see old friends and make new friends.

The Xenos Motorglider is a kit supplied by Sonex Aircraft. I have been flying it one year now but still not up to the buzzard level of proficiency of finding thermals. The project took me eight years to build because I only had the weekends available to work on it.  That is about 4500 hrs of labor. It is much more than a regular Sonex in that I used solid rivets wherever I could and made most of my own composite parts. The Sonex wingtip weighed 15 lbs each and mine weight six lbs. But the wingtips took me six months to make. The swingback canopy is an aftermarket design and really makes taxiing bearable in FL. I did all the work on building it.

I retired last March from 29+ yrs as a project engineer with Hydro Aluminum in Rockledge, FL. Before engineering school, I was an A&P for three years on St. Croix, USVI with Antilles Airboats, Eastern Caribbean Airways and Coral Air.

Thanks for picking the Xenos as plane of the week.

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