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Old Farts
Treasure Coast (KFPR)Recap

From Thursday, April 28th, 2022..

Old Farts...

Hate to say it, but I think our season is winding down. We went from more than fifty aircraft last week, to just 21 Thursday (yesterday) at Treasure Coast International (KFPR).

Several factors likely contributed to the light turnout. The airport is towered and very busy, with flocks of training aircraft in the pattern and other folks clearing customs. The weather was also an issue. As usual, forecasts were more dire than reality. As you can see in some of my photos, there were some rather ominous clouds around.

All that said, I think the biggest factor in turnout is the time of year. “Snowbirds”, which includes Terese and I, have either left, or are busy getting ready to leave. They/we are mentally… outta here. 

Despite the lower turnout… it was a wonderful event. Jennifer, the pretty lady in pink in the top photo, runs the “Tiki” restaurant at KFPR. She had two other waitresses helping, and they served up some great meals. I had a “Rachel” sandwich, that is like a  “Reuben”, but with Turkey and coleslaw, rather than corned beef and sauerkraut. It was wonderful! If you’re just looking for a destination flight… KFPR and the Tiki Restaraunt are a really good choice. As a bonus, there are great coastal and ICW views while flying in and out! 

Frank and his crew on the ramp at APP Jet Center were a big help in getting us parked. They even let me commandeer a golf cart to get some of my pics and haul a few of you who had to park a distance from the restaurant. 

If weather cooperates, there will be an Old Fart outing next Thursday, May 5th. I have a venue in mind, but need to clear things with the restaurant and FBO. That will be the last of the season. Terese and I are planning to head north (Michigan) on May 14th. 

Thanks to all y’all that showed up at KFPR yesterday. You might have noticed there is no pic of me with a plane. I drove my old Ford pickup in less time than it would take to pull out a plane and preflight it. Ft. Pierce is just a chip shot away. 

Keep the Shiny Side Up.

Hope to see you next week! 

Old Fart Roger 


My weekly pics are often influenced by a number of aircraft that have made their way into my categorized lists of “personal favorites”. In the “light twin” category… the Piper Aerostar is easily near the top. That said, the somewhat rare Beechcraft Twin Bonanza tops that list.

We have a couple stunning examples of Aerostars in our membership. Mike Canuso’s maroon and white beauty is often on the Old Fart ramp. Mike is based out of Wellington Aero Club in the winter months and Long Island, NY in summer. He is shown here on the left, with pal Marc Rodstein. The third “Muskateer” out of Wellington, Steve Chefan, was traveling this week. Between them, they operate at least four aircraft. We never know what they’ll show up in, but Mike’s Aerostar is always a show stopper on the ramp. Thanks for bringing it Mike! 
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