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Old Farts
Grassroots (06FD) Update…

For Thursday, March 17th, 2022… St. Paddy’s Day! 

Old Farts...

My early “Headcount” worked very well! As of this Sunday morning writing, there are 83 aircraft and 155 people on my RSVP list! The food providers are preparing to feed somewhere around 225. The organizers at Grassroots are pulling out the stops in making room for all of us.

Please study the attached parking diagram closely. The parking rows are indicated in yellow. If you compare the diagram to the aerial photo from a previous Old Farts event…you’ll see the four rows in the center of the complex. I counted fifty aircraft in the photo. That means we will definitely be parking in the additional (yellow) rows on the north and south side of the hangars. Also, there will be parking along the taxiways. 

PLEASE… heed direction from those marshaling aircraft. If your aircraft is small, light and easy to move… you could be a big help by trying push back into a nook or cranny. Anything to (squeeze in) will help. High wing over low wing, tail to tail, etc. 

Notes on the diagram: The solid red box at the south end of the runway is an area under improvement. For helicopter ops, see the 90’ tower at northeast corner of hangars and two helo parking areas. For orientation purposes… north is to the left of the diagram… hangars are on the east side of the 18/36 runway/taxiways. 

In an effort to maximize parking, residents are being encouraged to NOT pull their aircraft out for display, but rather open their hangars for us to have a peek. Please be respectful, and not enter a hangar unless invited. 

Food will be available from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Also, coffee and pastry treats will on hand for early birds. That gives us a large window to get everyone down and parked. Please help spread it out by planning to arrive a little early… or late. 

As noted on the diagram: CTAF is 122.90, field elevation is 105’ MSL, pattern altitude is 1,100’, all traffic is LEFT and NO STRAIGHT IN APPROACHES. A 45 degree entry to the downwind is highly recommended. That helps keep everyone on the same page. It worked very well with nearly 150 aircraft at Aero Acres a couple weeks ago. 

SAFETY:  Please… no low passes, rides, touch ‘n goes, etc. We have a lot of traffic coming in for this one. No extra-curricular stuff 🙂.  

And finally… we have not cut off RSVP’s. That said, there is a “capacity number” out there somewhere. If you have NOT already responded to the first email, and plan to attend on Thursday… please use the attached blue RSVP button below. If you’ve already responded, please do NOT RSVP again… I don’t have a good way to cross check for doubles. Thank You! 

Keep the Shiny Side Up! 

Old Fart Roger 


Grassroots RSVP
Reminder: Gyrocopters are prohibited at Grassroots. We are their guests, and it is their rule. 
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