Detailed blueprint for Netanyahu's villa found online
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The Netanyahus' Caesarea villa plans, now taken offline
Avi Scharf  
Avi Scharf
  Haaretz’s NatSec+ newsletter is back after a long holiday break, loaded with great stories and exclusives.

This morning we revealed that detailed drawings of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s seaside villa – including floors, security installations, entrances, and emergency suits – were available online on the regional council’s website. Only after Haaretz inquired about it, were the plans taken offline.

Another exclusive by our arms industries and technology reporter Oded Yaron revealed that Israeli firm Cognyte sold advanced mass surveillance tools to Myanmar, despite an Israeli decision to halt defense exports to the country following the military junta’s genocidal crackdown on the Rohingya minority.

Earlier, Oded revealed extensive Israeli cyber-arms sales to Bangladesh, the world’s third-largest Muslim country – who does not recognize Israel. The equipment, used to intercept Bangladeshi citizens’ mobile and internet traffic, was sold to the Interior Ministry, internal security agency and armed forces via Cyprus.

In Greece, the Personal Data Protection Authority fined the Israeli-owned spyware firm Intellexa, which is embroiled in “The Greek Watergate” scandal rocking the country. The company, owned by an ex-Israeli intel commander, failed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into the use of spyware against Greek journalists and politicians. Here are several Haaretz investigations into Intellexa:
And on the Russia-Ukraine front, Amos Harel explains how the U.S. is arming Kyiv from the Israeli emergency stockpile, and what that means for Iran.

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The Netanyahus' Caesarea villa plans, now taken offline
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Intellexa Co-CEO Tal Dilian poses for a picture at his house in Limassol, Cyprus, in April 2020.
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