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Water and Climate Change - March 2020
Dear members and friends,
Welcome to the 1stquarterly newsletter of the Global Network for 2020! 
We appreciate that with the severe COVID-19 spread all over the world we are faced with unprecedented challenges, but possibly (hopefully) also with new opportunities and precious lessons for humankind. Today more than ever, we believe it’s important to join forces and come together as a collective force, and support each other showing solidarity and cooperation.
We are looking to make the newsletter a regular appointment throughout the year to feed information back to you about activities and projects from the Global Network and its members. The newsletter will also introduce new members that recently joined the network, as well as disseminate best practices, lessons learned and inspirational news and activities related to water and heritage worldwide. 
As many of you know, today we celebrate World Water Day and the chosen theme for this year is Water and Climate Change. We cannot stress enough how access to water is a fundamental human right and an essential precondition for health. 
Since October, the Global Network of Water Museums has been running a Youth Competition on the very same theme, with the aim to raise awareness and engage actively young people on a global scale, The Water We Want.
Youth Contest “The Water We Want”
We are glad that a considerable number of museum members confirmed their participation and received already hundreds of works made by students – among others, the Yaku Parque Museu de l'Agua (Quito, Ecuador) collected already almost 100 works among photos, drawings and videos - and will organize a dedicated exhibition later on in May. But we are pleased to learn that also very small schools participated, as in the case of Greece, with the smallest school in Europe located in a remote Aegean island!
As involved museums already know, the deadline for submitting artworks has now been postponed to 30th April. Final winners will be announced in May. We are also excited to announce that the 6 entries shortlisted by each participating museum will be featured in a digital online exhibition to be launched in May! Our social media will then showcase the results of this campaign worldwide. Stay tuned for more details!
This is really our chance to disseminate, as a Network, the importance of our liquid heritage and to do so through the eyes and voices of future generations!

Annual Conference
For the time being, owing to the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID19, the WAMU-NET annual conference that was to be held next week (!) in Hangzhou, China, hosted by the National Water Museum of China, has been postponed. We will inform you in due course as soon as new dates are planned. 
In the meantime, we would recommend checking our website to stay up to date with activities and news from all our members. We also added a brand-new 'Team' page where we introduce members from the Board, the Advisory Committee and the Communication Team. Check it here!


We’d like to officially welcome the following museums that have joined the Network over the last few months (in chronological order):
In the second semester of 2019:
In 2020:
  • South Korea: Jeju Water Exhibition
  • Ireland: National Water Museum of Ireland
  • Germany: Historisches Klaerwerk, Krefeld
  • Spain: Museos de Mequinenza, Mequinenza
  • Individual member: Giuseppe La Spada (Italy)
More museums are in the process of confirming their membership. If you wish to suggest potential new members, do not hesitate to contact us at

Museum of Ireland. The Water Museum of Ireland is a non-profit enterprise committed to the establishment of a museum to celebrate water in all its forms, and our relationship with it. It will contribute to the education and awareness of water as a precious resource for quality of life and cultural enrichment. It will foster collaboration, innovation, creativity and debate in Ireland and beyond. It is aimed to contribute to the global issues of climate change and sustainability and promote the SDGs.
Jeju Museum. Jeju Province Development Corporation (JPDC) is a local public corporation established in South Korea in 1995 for the purpose of promoting the welfare of Jeju’s residents and contributing to the sustainable development of local communities. The Jeju Water Exhibition Hall was built to promote and disseminate the history, traditional culture and quality of Jeju’s water worldwide. Jeju island is listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is also included in the MAB programme.



The Musée pour la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc “Mohammed VI
hosted in December its 1st edition of “Climate Negotiations” in Marrakech: a role-playing game which engaged more than 120 students from different high schools of Morocco. After a 6 hours meeting, which involved youth playing the role of different world countries and the one of UNESCO’s General Director, were able to negotiate the lowering of world temperatures to only 2,4° Celsius degrees (instead of the + 5° foreseen for 2100). This pilot exercise revealed to be a successful one, engaging actively the youth in the advocacy of common interests. Its methodology will be shared with all WAMU-NET members.
International Water Conference by ActionAid Bangladesh
On 24th January, ActionAid Bangladesh hosted their 1stInternational Water Conference on “legalizing River Rights: People, Policies, and Practices”. If you'd like to know more, please drop an email to or
Water Museum of Den Bosch
The Water Museum of Den Bosch is about to open its doors! The historic gunpowder storage (also listed as National Monument in the Netherlands) will find very soon its new destination as Water- and Fortress Museum. Projects for restoration and museum concept are now in the final stage. The museum is developed in partnership with the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which is the owner of the historic building, and ‘Kring Vrienden van ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ as future museum-operator. Both are WAMU-NET members and, as many of you know already, they hosted the 2nd Conference of the Global Network in 2018. The building, surrounded by historic water, carries several storylines, such as Defence for Water and Water for Defence, Water as a Friend, and Water as an Enemy.
Water Museum of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
The Water Museum of the city of Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso West Africa, has organised for World Water Day a series of activities with the children of the primary school ‘Le Creuset’. The goal is to show them the importance of water by exploring the relationship with traditional objects and stories from elder generations and, mainly, simple and useful actions to avoid wasting. Workshops, drawings and research activities with the aim to 'promote the values of the blue gold in a dry country'.
Crowdsourcing with Pulsaqua and Drinkable Rivers
Sandra De Vries from PULSAQUA in the Netherlands is cooperating with Drinkable Rivers to work towards an international spreading of the citizen science initiative and go beyond Europe. Today, they are launching a crowdsourcing action. Join them here to do your part and perhaps you and your Water Museum can join in taking water quality measurements in your rivers!



One of our fellow members, AQUATIKA (Croatia) has just become a plastic free organisation by implementing green policies at all levels. With the city of Karlovac having a major water quality, they decided to sell no longer bottled water and encourage the consumption of local water instead. This is an important initiative to try to raise awareness on what each and every one of us can do in preventing the pollution of our rivers and lakes and seas. Well done!
Venice canals have never been so clear since the 1950s! With the city of Venice being on lockdown over the past few weeks for COVID-19 and all human activities ceasing (especially tourism-driven over-navigation), fish have started to reappear and populate the canals. Waters are not muddy anymore but transparent and almost crystalline instead – a very unusual waterscape even for Venetians! The Water Museum of Venice is glad to share this news with the hope that new measures will be considered and implemented to limit over-tourism impacts.
The Musée de l’Eau et de la Fontaine of Genval (Belgium) has been selected by the Nature et Découvertes Foundation to get sponsored for the creation of a pedagogic pond. Through the system of rounding, each client of the Nature et Découvertesstores will have the opportunity to give a few cents to this new project. The pond will help children to observe and discover nature and we believe it is the best way to help protect it. Congratulations!
Museums all over the world are responding creatively to the severe restrictions imposed by governments due to COVID-19. Ecomuseo Martesana (Milan, Italy) is among those which are more active on social media campaigns: #martesanasuldivano (“Martesana from your couch”)! Visit their Facebook page for a new quiz every day!
If your museum is also discovering new ways to reach out to new audiences during these days, we’d love to hear about it! Please send your information, preferably with a license-free image, to

UN is about to release the World Water Development Report 2020, with a focus on challenges, opportunities and potential responses to climate change, in terms of adaptation and mitigation. Click here if you want to check it out!

The call for paper for the "First International Conference on Inland Waterways, Waterscapes and Cultural Heritage", organised by our member University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, is now open! The conference will be held in Hue, Vietnam, from 8th to 11th December 2020. Click here for more info! 
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