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Press Release - Dec 2018 - For immediate release

A ‘live’ immersive painting experience by multi- disciplined artist and story teller Charlie Sutcliffe, inspired by speculations regards the coming of A.I. 

It is understood and accepted broadly that A.I. may prove to be an existential threat to mankind. Charlie Sutcliffe has however, decided to steer away from that concern for now; no ominous man sized robots stalk his visions of the future, instead you’ll find only elegant and co-operative micro armies, undertaking big tasks, in tiny bits.
A computer cannot paint...

Charlie proposes that some art historians have come to question whether A.I. could meaningfully paint, since A.I. has no emotional basis from which to create…
‘…when humanity too has developed a set of emotions as part of its evolution, to further survival, communication and to help our species to thrive. A.I. may in time be viewed as a separate Genus Class and could easily have the potential to follow its own development, so there is no reason why a computer cannot learn in the same way that we have, becoming in the future, a force for good as well as evil’
‘Snoop Looper’ is a term used by code writers to describe mathematician Alan Turing’s ideas on the infamous computing paradox The Halting Problem (most notably in poem ‘Scooping the Snoop Looper’ written by Geoffrey Pullum in the style of Dr. Seuss).

This new work, which has grown form a body of B&W illustrations, will be a curved endless environment twisting, painted round every surface and just like the mini robots, at points in the process visitors can grab a brush and contribute to painting inside the lines, a giant colouring in book, completed by their collective intelligence. 

So, enter a world as it grows, filling with armies of tiny robots, each one intelligent, co-operating like worker bees, hybrids; part organic, part mechanical... deployed to reconstruct infrastructure, inch by inch, in a gorgeous swirling and artificial ’swarm’.
Signed Screen print (50 x 40)
Edition of 50

Available at £10 for a limited time;  (while the artist is on site painting 3rd - 7th December)
Form the 3rd -7th  December, Charlie ’spookernox’ Sutcliffe will be hand painting the next in the series of floor - to - wall - to ceiling exhibitions in DREAMBAGSJAGUARSHOES. 
32-36 Kingsland Rd. LONDON E2 8DA

Live art. 3rd - 7th Dec
Exhibition.  7th Dec - 14th Feb 
Open. 12 noon -1am 

Charlie Sutcliffe 

An accomplished cross media artist who has worked on projects the size of a stamp, to the size of a house. Charlie has painted murals all over the world and is published by Tate Modern as a children’s author and illustrator. He currently lives in Valencia and likes to play petanqué.

Charlie is returning to DreamBagsJaguarShoes for his 2018 project, having first exhibited under his moniker SPOOKERNOX in 2007


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