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TBI Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2019
Greetings! This issue of our newsletter presents recent updates to the Exchange, Archive and Education sections of our website and the launch of Thinking Body Institute Media.
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TBI catalog screenshotEXCHANGE NEWS

The TBI Exchange page of the website now features the Thinking Body Institute Catalog which includes descriptions of currently available publications and digital media pertaining to the approach to somatic movement education that was created by Mabel Elsworth Todd. Following the example of websites developed for other major somatics disciplines, the catalog is intended to serve as a central resource for teachers, scholars and students searching for information about the field.

All the materials listed in the TBI Catalog are currently available for purchase or will be available within the next year. Clicking a title opens a page with a detailed description of the work, the cover art, product details and a link to the publisher or vendor. If you are aware of a forthcoming publication created by or about any of the individuals who are featured in the Thinking Body Institute website, please Contact Us with all the details.

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In addition to our efforts to provide general information on published resources in the field through the TBI Catalog, we are pleased to announce the launch of Thinking Body Institute Media!

TBI Media thumbnailThis new component of the Thinking Body Institute publishes and distributes a selection of texts, monographs, MP3 files and ebooks created by or related to the individuals who are featured in the TBI website.

We are particularly pleased to present new editions of the classic texts created by Mabel Elsworth Todd. While using 21st century scanning and publishing technology to produce editions of the highest quality, we also recognize the importance of replicating the style of the original covers, typography and drawings. Thus, these editions are pristine replicas of the works that Todd published between 1929 and 1954. The small collection of Todd’s texts that is now available in our store is just the beginning; The Hidden You and The Thinking Body are now in production and should be available by the end of the year.

TBI Media has also ventured into the production of digital media for our community. Currently, we are offering MP3 files of the recordings André Bernard produced for the students in his Creative Body Alignment workshops in the 1980’s. There is also an ebook version of a monograph called Influences on the Work of Mabel Elsworth Todd which provides historical context for the online courses currently offered by TBI. Other publications are in the planning stages and will be made available as both printed and digital media editions.

Please note that all TBI Media business activities are conducted exclusively through our website, This means that TBI Media printed and digital items will not be found in bookstores or through large online retailers to insure that all proceeds from purchases can be used to support the mission of the Thinking Body Institute. Please make use of the new TBI Media website and spread the word to your colleagues and students!
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Archive Collections of Todd, Clark, Sweigard, & Bernard


New Additions to Todd’s Archive

illustration for Todd's Apparatus for OrthopediaTwo new additions to Mabel Todd’s Archive are now available for viewing by TBI Archive subscribers.

Recently, we were astounded to discover that, in addition to all of her other pursuits, Mabel Todd was an inventor! Todd’s patent application for Apparatus for Practicing Orthopedia was filed in 1925. During that period she was collaborating with several orthopedists who referred patients to her studios and encouraged her to articulate her views about human movement in a Boston medical journal. Todd developed her orthopedic apparatus as an alternative to the back braces which were frequently prescribed at the time.

We have also added a newly discovered article to Todd’s collection entitled Basic Principles Underlying Posture. This article was published when Todd was a lecturer in the Department of Physical Education at Columbia University. It appeared in the October 1931 issue of the Journal for Health and Physical Education and was oriented toward the development of training for, “scientific teachers of health.” In describing the necessities of an ideal health education program, Todd supplied a clear and informative summary of her educational philosophy.

Shown above: Figure 1 from the Patent Application document.

student with Dr. SweigardCall for Dr. Lulu Sweigard’s class notes

In the years since the inception of the Thinking Body Institute Archive, our collections have steadily grown. Although we have some material on Dr. Sweigard’s teaching practices, such as the course handbook she developed for physical education students at New York University, we would like to enlarge her collection with additional records documenting her work with dancers. If you are aware of any materials relating to learning experiences with Dr. Sweigard at Juilliard, please consider sharing these gems through the TBI Archive. As with all loans of materials for preservation in the collections, we will carefully make digital scans of the items, prepare metadata that describes the context and acknowledges the donor, and then promptly return the originals. Please Contact Us with any ideas you may have about enlarging Dr. Sweigard’s archive collection.

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TBI Education: Courses, Essays, Bibliography


TBI 102: Theory makes use of the history of Mabel Todd’s approach, as presented in TBI 101, as context for the examination of the creation and development of her theory. The course consists of fourteen narrated PowerPoint presentations and two opportunities for discussion. If you have previously enrolled in TBI 101: History, please join the summer offering of TBI 102. The course preview and registration procedures are described on the TBI Education page »
  • May 6, 2019 – Application Deadline
  • May 13, 2019 – Course Sessions Begin

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