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November is starting off strong with good economic data; unemployment rate held at a 49- year low at 3.7% with wages increasing 3.1%.  The next Fed meeting is on November 7-8, the consensus is that they will raise rates at their December 18-19 meeting. The markets continue a downward trend as the DJIA  lost approximately 1,500 points.  So, how does this affect NYC Real Estate? It seems that now is a perfect time to own a piece of Manhattan!  Interest rates are still relatively low (so borrowing is still relatively inexpensive) and there is a significant amount of inventory available on the market; ninety-four days is currently the average days on the market in Manhattan. 

Knowing where properties are trading is key in this market as your offer needs to be presented with all the facts to support it. That being said, if you are selling a property, knowing where to price it is of the utmost importance now more than ever.  Being an educated buyer and seller will significantly impact your ability to make a deal.  I would be happy to supply you with any data you would need so that you can be informed and thus benefit from the current market conditions.

And as Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday. Thank you for being in my life and making a difference by your actions.  I believe that each one of us has the power to be impactful.  Hoping you take some time to reflect and be grateful for all the good you have created in your life.  



As New York's cultural landscape is ever changing and growing, I will highlight places/activities in our city that I have visited to share my experience with you.

Holiday House at 188 East 76th Street thru December 2, 2018

Holiday House is a great way to see the works of twenty two renowned interior designers in a gorgeous townhouse setting.  Creating this event was prompted by the lack of access for the public to experience high profile interior design while also fund-raising for breast cancer research.  Iris Danker, the founder of Holiday House NYC, is an interior designer as well as a breast cancer survivor.  Celebrating its decade of design this fall, the show attracts talented designers from all over the country.  In addition to seeing their works, many of the designers are on-site and available to talk about their creations.  What is so unique about this presentation is that it features very high-end designers, but is housed in an intimate setting.  This creates a venue for learning as many of the designers are available to talk about their rooms; what inspires them, how they chose their colors/fabrics, etc.  Please click on website for more information and to buy tickets at

CityMeals on Wheels within the Five Boroughs

What makes a community to you? In addition to finding the right physical structure, I think the people create the vibe of the neighborhood.  Many people find that giving back to others makes them feel like part of their community.  My good friend Sarah Siegel agrees; she volunteers weekly to CityMeals on Wheels by donating at least two hours of her time to help distribute food to those who are unable to leave their home to get a meal. 

This organization is ability based, not need based.  This means there is no age range, the recipients are assessed solely on their ability to physically leave their home to get food.  Sarah is a second year law associate at an Intellectual Property law firm downtown working long hours.  Despite her busy work schedule, Sarah asked herself, "how can I give back?" CityMeals on Wheels resonated with her as it made her think of her own grandfather who was in a nursing home; what would happen to him if he was physically unable to get meals?  

Every Saturday morning, Sarah delivers meals to recipients near her home on the Upper East Side.  As Sarah is very passionate about this cause, she has gotten her friends involved too.  My daughter and I will be joining her in the annual Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day to raise money for this worthy cause.  If you are interested in finding out more please visit their website at

30 Minutes with Marilyn


We are constantly on the move as New Yorkers living in this fast paced city.  Our skin faces many different environments; falling temps outside, dry-heat inside, overheated subways and everything in between.  Throughout these various conditions, we need to feel and look our best.  In order to see how we can achieve this lofty goal, I reached out to Dr. Amy Wechsler.  I have been one of Dr. Wechsler's patients for over a decade; she now treats my husband and teenage daughter.  We all consider Dr. Wechsler our "go to" for any skin related issues as well as asking for referrals in other medical fields.

Dr. Amy Wechsler

Dr. Wechsler practices what she  recommends to her clients as her lifestyle is very relatable. Time is precious and Dr. Wechsler is very helpful in using effective skincare with the least amount of time. 

"Taking the time to really listen to my patients allows me to give them the most effective treatment."

MB: How do you differentiate yourself from other dermatologists on the Upper East Side?
AW: I am the only woman who is certified as a psychiatrist and a dermatologist which allows me to treat patients from the inside out.  I take time to talk with each patient to find out what is going on in their lives; are they walking around with undiagnosed depression, anxiety or dealing with any other issue which could be event driven? This is important for me to know when treating them as their overall mental health affects their skin.

MB: As your patients initially come to you for skincare, how do you build a trusting and ongoing relationship?
AW: I take time with each patient to ask specific questions as to what is going on in their lives; their relationships, sleep patterns, exercise routines, diet, etc.  Taking the time to really listen to my patients allows me to give them the most effective treatment.

MB: That's so important to make your patients feel important and cared about.  How do you use your patient's information to help them achieve their personal best look?
AW: By providing "one-stop shopping."  In addition to offering support, I can refer them to the appropriate specialist when necessary.  Throughout my medical career in NYC, I have built a great network of professionals that I can highly recommend to my patients.

MB: What other services does your office provide?
AW: A wide array of services including CoolSculpting performed by Laura Dyer, MSHS, PA-C who practices out of my office, laser hair removal and more.  As far as cosmetic "stuff," I believe less is more and strive for a "natural" look.  My goal is to have my patients look relaxed and rested - a challenge at any age, especially in NYC! 

MB: With this wide range of services, do you cater to a specific audience? 
AW: No, I treat men and women of all ages.  Many times I will have a patient who then refers family members to me.  These families trust me as I get to know them.

MB: Is there one area you enjoy treating the most?
AW: I enjoy working with all my patients.  However, I do find it very satisfying to treat those who suffer from acne, especially teenagers.  It's very rewarding to watch their self-esteem improve as their skin clears up. 

MB: What are some of your best practices for skincare in NYC?
AW: I recommend putting on sunscreen daily even in the winter months.  As New Yorkers we tend to be outside a lot (walking, exercising or running to an appointment) so our skin is constantly being exposed to sun and its harmful UV rays.  If you get in the habit of applying sunscreen on a daily basis you will prevent skin damage thus creating healthier skin.  

MB: In addition to daily habits, are there any other recommendations you suggest?
AW: Having a humidifier in each bedroom of your home especially during the winter months when the heat is turned on.  The heat makes our skin drier, the humidifier combats this by adding moisture. 

MB: Speaking of dry air, do you have any suggestions for skin care while traveling?
AW: In order to avoid the sun streaming in through the window, request an aisle seat.  Also, make sure you apply moisturizer to help combat the dry air. 

MB: Where is your favorite place to relax in NYC?
AW: Central Park is my favorite place to relax in NYC.  I started going there regularly in medical school, mostly to roller blade, and it became my green haven.

MB: What would your ideal Sunday look like in the city?
AW: Sleeping a bit late, making a big breakfast or going out to brunch, taking a walk in the park or walking around the West Village, working out and having a family dinner.

MB: What room do you and your family spend the most time in and why?
AW: We spend the most time in the kitchen!
It's a congregating place for everyone, is warm and inviting, and I love to bake.

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