Friday, November 9th 2018 


 Bolt Global launches Bolt Africa


Dear Boltians

Karibu (Welcome) to this weeks BOLT update as we celebrate “Africa Week” !!!

This has been a huge week for us, as the team have travelled to Capetown, South Africa to share the BOLT message at AfricaCom, Africa’s largest Media, Telecom & Technology Conference, then on to Nairobi, Kenya for our Africa Launch.

On Thursday Evening, we held our Africa launch event in Nairobi, we hope you enjoy the presentation of Photos and Videos of the event and can catch the energy and enthusiasm that was in the room. 

At the launch we presented our Africa Ambassadors, our “BOLT Marafiki (Friends)” who will be producing awesome East African content for us and working with us to build the BOLT brand in Africa, please enjoy the video.

Expanding Bolt’s vision to be “More than Entertainment”, the Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) this week announced it’s partnership with BOLT to provide Blockchain Education for emerging markets.

Finally for this week, our Founders released an update which beautifully articulates the Bolt Vision and firmly sets the stage for the coming weeks leading up the the launch of the BOLT token and beyond. 

Thankyou for your support and we wish you a great weekend ahead!

The BOLT Team


BOLT Marafiki is LIVE

The BOLT’s ambassadors represent the pulse of East Africa - the creative practitioners, the revolutionary thinkers, and the leaders of a new generation.

Today we welcome the best content creators in East Africa to the Bolt App including Peter Ndung'u, Rikkie, Aisha Wanjiku, Andrew Kaggia a.k.a Hero Smasher, Daniel Kilonge a.k.a Daniel Bongo Trending, Sabinus Paul a.k.a Habari Kwanza and Bad Mambo Collective.

Visit to register for more updates on Bolt Africa.


We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK). BAK is a non-profit society registered in Kenya, formed out of a group of young people interested in utilising blockchain technology to help the people of Africa.

Together with Michael Kimani, BAK Chairman & Blockchain thought-leader, BOLT will sponsor local students to enter a BAK learning program - accessed via the BOLT app. Students will also use BOLT as a real-world use case & be rewarded with a BOLT Token upon completion of the course.

Learn more in our video interview with Michael here!

BOLT Marafiki Launch Event

This week is special for so many reasons. We officially launched our first office in Africa. This is a giant leap forward in realising our mission to enable an entertainment network built on transparency, distributing meaningful content, and where content creators can be compensated fairly for their efforts. 

But the best part of the week is this - we finally connected with the best content creators in East-Africa, our BOLT ambassadors. Together, we will foster an ecosystem where the BOLT Marafiki can truly inspire their audience in the BOLT App. 

Check out the video we used to welcome them at our launch event.

An Update from the Founders — 6 Months On

The 6 months which has elapsed since the conclusion of BOLT's private contribution round has been a roller-coaster ride - a mix of excruciating lows and euphoric highs. Fortunately, we had completed our private contribution round at a period when Ether was trading at a significantly higher level; since then, the value of Ether has dropped almost 60% in value.

While the utility value of the BOLT Token is primary, there is also recognition that liquidity and support for the BOLT Token are important for our contributors and community. Together with our advisors, we have planned and implemented opportunities and support for ensuring the liquidity of the BOLT Token. This is also in recognition of the partners within our ecosystem who will be using the BOLT tokens directly off the public circulating supply when the BOLT token is listed. We do know that these are updates are critical for our contributors and hence will make the announcements to shed light on the measures being implemented. Rest assured that we are lining up a series of exchanges to stagger liquidity opportunities.

So, rather than couching how BOLT has progressed in the last view months in niceties, the Founders wanted to provide a sincere account and update. This is to build relatability between our Community and our BOLT Team. As always, we will share incremental updates on our progress, and we invite you as well to share your suggestions with us via email or on our Telegram group. It's been a fantastic 6 months - and we are just getting started. To BOLT!

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