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Newsletter - May 2020

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to all the new and returning interns and RMOs to SA Health this year

The SA JMO Forum is a group of junior doctors including interns and PGY2+ with representatives across SA hospitals who meet regularly to discuss common issues relevant to JMOs such as education, training, JMO mental health and welfare, workforce planning and industrial workplace issues. We advocate on behalf of JMOs and provide feedback to the South Australian Medical Education Training Unit (SAMET).

If you would like to raise any issues to be discussed by the JMO Forum this year, contact your LHN representative

Best wishes,
Dr Monica Chen
Chair, SA JMO Forum 2020

Your 2020 JMO Forum Representatives

– Monica Chen (SALHN)
Deputy Chair – Shihab Siddiquee
  • RAH Interns: Ignatius Rudd, Sune Victor, Niamh Noonan
  • QEH Interns: Charlotte Blacketer, Carla De Angelis
  • PGY2+: Kay Hon, Mekha John, Maya Todd
  • Interns: Esther Lam, Guang Xing, Debajyoti Chaudhuri
  • PGY2+: Amy Gavin, Charlotte Roberts Pugh 
  • Interns: Vinay Athreya, Henry Rodriguez
  • PGY2+: Shihab Siddiquee, Charlotte Velik
LCLHN: Ilze Alexander
WCHN: Alisha Evans, Holly Richter
TAPPP: Hiep Tu, Sravan Anne 

Student Representatives: Sibella Hare Breidahl (AMSS), Liam Ramsey (FMSS)
Clinical Advisors: Gabriella Graves, Samantha Jolly, Stephen McManis
COVID-19 and You

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertain times to the healthcare system, particularly the junior medical workforce. Here are some official updates and resources:
AMA advocacy and resources to support doctors in training during the COVID-19 response
AHPRA has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by creating increased flexibility for the 2020 intern cohort, waiving the mandatory rotations requirements for interns in 2020
Applications for SA Health 2021 internship and PGY2+ positions will not be delayed by the pandemic and will continue in 2020 as usual
Important Dates for 2021 PGY2+ Job Applications:

Application open date: Monday 8 June 2020
Application close date: Wednesday 1 July 2020
Interviews held: 3 August – 10 September
(LHNs are investigating methods to support social distancing directives by conducting interviews through video conferencing platforms)

Round 1 offers commence: Thursday 17 September 2020
Employment start date: Monday 1 February 2021

Make sure to read the Job Pack for more information
Looking After Your Mental Health

It’s important that we look after ourselves and each other’s mental health during this time. Doctors Health SA have put together a helpful list of resources and are available for urgent support and confidential advice on 8366 0250.
Crazy Socks 4 Docs will be held on Friday 5 June. This day is all about normalising the conversation and raising awareness of doctors’ mental health. Get involved by wearing your craziest pair of socks!
SA MET facilitates and supports the activities of the JMO Forum, however, the contents of this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of SA MET.

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