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Advice to Institutional Investors from Blockchain's Biggest Influencers about Investing

The Crypto and Blockchain industry has in recent times caught the attention of the world, with the last year in reflection having seen some of the highest highs and lowest lows that financial instruments have to offer. However, has the ‘bubble’ popped completely, or is Crypto and Blockchain here to stay? If so, what should Private Investors be aware of? This week, aXpire spoke to some of the most influential people in the Blockchain Space to get exclusive insights on where the industry is headed.

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To start, we spoke with Erik Voorhees, an American serial entrepreneur and the current CEO of the well-known crypto-to-crypto exchange service ShapeShift. Voorhees says:

"Ten years ago, Bitcoin didn’t exist. Cryptographers had tried and failed to build successful peer-to-peer protocols, but the technology had holes that couldn’t be ignored. A truly better, trusted system had yet to come into existence. Because of Satoshi, a successful peer-to-peer protocol exists today. It’s less than ten years old, and yet collectively, it and other cryptocurrencies have already sent shockwaves through the world and entrenched themselves in the global financial system. Cryptocurrencies did that in under ten years. Yes we have seen a slowdown, but bear markets are for builders. I hope that institutional investors will remember that and help to grow an ecosystem that is changing the world."

Voorhees is clearly optimistic, and we share in that excitement, especially considering that even the internet went through the ‘dot com’ boom and now the world can’t cope without the tech. Perhaps the current downturn in the market will serve to remove bad actors and unsustainable companies from the space, paving the way for strong businesses to gain market share, and both grow and survive, as seen in that previous ‘dot com’ bubble.
Heart is an American serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin/Crypto thought leader, and advisor. Heart says:

“Every new technical innovation has a winner and several losers. Bitcoin invented the peer to peer digital currency space, has the most users, regulatory certainty, on-ramps, and awareness, volumeand liquidity, with the best counter-parties (CME, etc.). Don't fall for the fake cryptocurrencies which don't require economic mass (DLT: digital ledger technology), or higher throughput (with less security), or powers dApps (with no adoption). Humans digitize all they see value in, currency is no different, and has been digital for many years now. This is the first provably scarce one.”

Heart remarks that there are many Cryptocurrencies on the market, but few with actual use-case and adoption. We think it’s important to look at each Cryptocurrency with cynicism, but also with openness. To start, you can begin with assessing a Crypto project’s team, looking at their track record, history, white papers, and how much they’ve delivered on thus far. Going beyond that, gauging the viability of the actual technology itself is a strong and valuable exercise. Is this novelty or needed? How big is the market, and can this project compete?

Kerner is a Crypto investor & evangelist at CryptoOracle, as well as the host of CryptoMondays Meetups. Kerner talked about Crypto education:

“The best thing anyone can do who has an interest in crypto, is educate themselves. I suggest they follow the Top 50 crypto bloggers on Medium, and everyday they'll get an email with posts. If they read the posts of the authors that speak to them. And if they do the work to understand what they're saying, in a few weeks, or a month, they'll see "the crypto light.”

In summary: Voorhees believes that the down market is for builders, Richard is transparent that not all Cryptos are value based, and Kerner has provided some techniques for us to further study the space as a whole. 

Overall, there is a lot of opportunity in the Crypto market. With the current bear market and with future developments, we believe the market will filter the wheat from the chaff, strengthening the space. This will give rise to a whole host of coins and tokens that have genuine use-cases and solve real world problems. This excited us, and we hope it excites you.
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