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Old Farts
Homestead (X51) Recap

from Thursday, January 20th, 2022…

Old Farts...

Well… at my age, I should know better than to open my big mouth. In Monday’s invite to Homestead (X51)… I just had to mention the forecast for Thursday. Light wind, blue skies… blah, blah, blah! Thursday’s reality… not so much. Some morning sun gave way to clouds and rain. I took a look at the radar around 1:30, and decided to beat it for home. I had flown my bare bones, 65 hp 1947 Aeronca Scout the 110 nm from Aero Acres. I told someone I’d go home IFR (I Follow Roads), but much of my route was over the swamp… and there are no “Roads”. I threw in a couple pics to illustrate the weather issues. 

Despite the weather, and the fact X51 is a pretty good haul for most of us, we had over forty aircraft show up. Our host Yogini Modi, owner of the Homestead Executive Jet Center really put out the red carpet for our visit. (That’s “Yogi” in the center of the three gals in the top photo.) Extra staff parked each plane, helped chock and tie down, fueled, etc. Another staff member, Natasha, was busy on a golf cart, shuttling Old Farts to the food truck area. She hauled me around a few times to get my photos. Saved a lot of steps. I can’t thank “Yogi” and her staff enough for their hospitality and efforts.

While we are on this subject. I’d like to take just a moment to, encourage and remind Old Farts to go an extra step in thanking the staff and volunteers at our weekly events. That includes FBO personnel, wait staff at restaurants, volunteer drivers, etc. These people work hard to insure our visits are pleasant experiences. I’m not saying we don’t already… I constantly witness Old Farts thanking these folks and throwing a little tip money around. I also get very positive feedback and invitations to return from our various hosts. That said, a small reminder never hurts. 

I heard lots of positive comments on the chow from the on site food truck… Bon Jour Umani. Just a reminder, they are on site from 8-4 each day, Tuesday through Saturday. X51 is a great destination for fuel, service and food!!! 

I have not yet locked in a destination for next Thursday, January 27. Look for my usual invite Sunday evening or Monday morning. I have included the directions for accessing the Old Farts Flying Club “Store” at the Queensboro Shirt Co. You can order your snazzy Old Farts gear there. 

That’s about it for this edition. I will mention that I have info on an Old Fart selling his beloved Legend Cub on amphibs. It is based here in Florida. I really do NOT want to turn this into a marketplace, but am making an exception here. If you want further info, shoot me an email. 

Keep the Shiny Side Up! 

Old Fart Roger

I was distracted from selecting a “This Week’s Favorite”. I take a few extra photos and gather a little info. What to do? I decided to make “This Week’s Favorite” an Old Fart… rather than an aircraft. At X51 yesterday, Dennis DiDonna and I walked over to the huge Convair parked on the ramp. Dennis said he flew these monsters back in his ill-spent youth. I told Dennis to go stand by the propeller for a photo. True to form, Dennis came up with another of his classic gag poses, by pretending to pull the prop through. Using the facial recognition feature in my iPad, I came up with some others. I had to search a little harder for the one of him as, “Runway Kill”. (Can’t see his face.) I did remember where it was, (Placid Lakes) so found the photo that way. Dennis attends nearly every week, often with his wife, Melissa. He has been an Old Fart, going way back to when I took over the reins… eight or nine years ago! 
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