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Old Farts
Arthur Dunn (X21) Invite

For Thursday, March 3rd, 2022… 

Old Farts...

We are invited to Arthur Dunn Airpark (X21) for Thursday, March 3rd. I will need your RSVP by Wednesday afternoon sometime. Sooner is always better. We need this information to alert the Dixie Crossroads seafood restaurant to our numbers. Also, to insure that our host, Old Fart Alberto Silva, has enough transportation lined up for the one mile commute from airport to restaurant. Please hit the RSVP button below and include the number in your party. 

The restaurant does not open until 11:00. Hopefully, we will have some early arrivals at the door when they open. The shuttle service will operate continuously. Alberto and his volunteers will continue their transport service on through lunch… so that we can spread out our arrivals. 

Alberto provided an aerial photo from a fly-in at Arthur Dunn. He says there should be plenty of parking, if those capable… park in the grass and reserve hard surface for larger and heavier aircraft. There will be cones on the ramp area where the King Air skydive plane operates. Just be aware, and try not to interfere with their ops. Alberto notes that the grass runway... 4/22 is always well maintained and in good condition. There is parking on the grass between runway 15/33 and it’s parallel taxiway. There is also parking on the grass as shown in the picture.

Fred, a longtime member of EAA Chapter 866 will be on a bicycle with a radio. He will suggest parking spots. Fred performs this function for for the Chapter’s breakfast, held every first Saturday. If you need asphalt parking, you can tell Fred, and he will point it out to you. As always, if you don’t particularly like Fred’s “suggestion”, you can park where you think is best for your aircraft. See ForeFlight, or whatever resource you use, for airport information, diagrams, frequencies, etc. 

Weather??? Right now, Thursday looks really good around south Florida. If it goes the other way, and gets ugly, I will put out a cancellation notice no later than Wednesday evening. Please RSVP, if you “think” you are attending. 

Also, please see an attached “plug” for a new book from Old Farts Sanford and Diane Reim. Since, moving to Florida’s Buckingham Airpark a year or so ago, they have been regular attendees at our weekly events. You have probably met them. 

And… in a separate attachment, is a link to a Shutterfly photo album assembled by Nancy DiGiovanni. Nancy is married to Old Fart Bob DiGiovanni… with the “Gazelle” helicopter. They live here at Aero Acres, and Nancy took some incredible shots at our fly-in last Thursday. There are 210 pics in the album. If you attended, there is a good chance you’re in there. 

Keep the Shiny Side Up

Old Fart Roger
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Hello everyone!

We have an exciting announcement:  Sanford and I have published a book!  We have written about many of Sanford's airplane ferry experiences, as well as some of our own journeys throughout the years!  

We have been encouraged by so many of our friends, including many of you, to write a book about our flying experiences. Well, we finally did!  And writing the book turned out to be a journey all on its own.  We relived every story as we wrote them, and remembered the wonderful people we met a long the way.  Many of those wonderful people are you, and we hope you will recognize the chapter and know that you touched our lives.  

We hope this email finds you well, and if you are interested in reading the book, we hope you enjoy going along with us on our adventures.  

The book was officially published just a few days ago, and is available at the following:

Also, the book is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

Diane Reim
The above is just one of 210 shots in Nancy DiGiovanni’s Shutterfly photo album. The photos were taken during last Thursday’s Aero Acres event. The link to the album is…
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