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Old Farts
Aero Acres (FD88) Recap

from Thursday, February 24th, 2022…

Old Farts...

Sorry that this a little late. Yesterday was one of those, “one foot ahead of the other” kinda days for Terese and I. I’m sure there were a lot volunteer helpers from Thursday’s Aero Acres Fly-In who felt the same way. My head hit the pillow around 10:00 Thursday night. I didn’t even wiggle until the sun was peeking through the windows at nearly 7:00 the next morning. I can not remember the last time I slept that long, or that hard!!! 

At least forty residents here at Aero Acres worked their tails off to make this event happen. For fear of leaving anyone out, I won’t try to list names. ALL of us do have to offer up a huge and special, “Thank You”, to my wife Terese!!! Trust me, she has been “living” this event for “WEEKS!” It simply would not happen without her!

Old Fart Frank Gallagher brought a couple pals, Kongo and Zach to help with parking. Hanna Dougherty was another non Aero Acres resident, helping Frank’s marshaling team at the west end. A “Thank You” also has to go out to Albert Heidinger for allowing us to stage the event at his home. Also, next door neighbor Rich Keyes let us spill over onto his property! The thank you list could go on and on. We will have to let it suffice to say that this was a TEAM effort, and my personal “Thanks” goes out to each and every one of you! WOW!!! 

Sooooooo… How many aircraft showed up??? I have been given unofficial “Tail Counts” ranging from 137 to 154. Shortly after the Spruce Creek formation flights of eleven RV aircraft were parked, my official counter reported 127 parked on the Flightline. At least eight more landed after that point. This count did not include the seven helicopters parked on the north/south taxiway, nine aircraft in Rich Keyes yard or two others that arrived and parked “out of the way” on private ramps. I’m going with, “At Least 145”. 

The previous record for an Old Fart event was an even 100… last year here at Aero Acres. We had 110 at a Saturday Aero Acres Fly-In a few years ago. This blows those previous numbers away!!!

All this, and not a single incident that I’m aware of. Our 45 degree entry from the fairgrounds seemed to work out extremely well. All these landings in a relatively short period, and I saw only one “go around”! Unreal! 

The second row of parking was also a huge improvement. Also, Bob DiGiovanni’s efforts in getting helicopters parked separately was extremely helpful. Because of our RSVP for lunch, the food came out nearly perfect. Terese has yet to tally the numbers, but the guess is more than 350 went through the food line! We should come out in the black after expenses are paid. All-in-all… I have to say the whole thing was near perfect! 

That brings me to my final “Thank You”. It goes out to all you Old Farts. “You” are what makes this organization the “MIRACLE” that it is. Just think for a moment, and ask yourself where else in the WORLD can you get 145 aircraft together for a $100 Hamburger… on a Thursday afternoon??? The answer is, “NOWHERE”! You are part of something that is very, very special! Give yourself a big pat on the back! 

I was simply just too busy to rush around with my iPad taking my usual photos. The shots you see here are from Jeff Hammer, Wayne Nagy, Dick Aziere (drone shot at top, when we were at about 120 arrivals) Sheriff’s Department helicopter camera and Albert Heidinger. There were at least three semi-pro photographers, snapping away all day with their big cameras and long lenses. I’ve been promised photo files from them, and will attempt to share links with you. If I can find time, I will try to put together a slideshow on Vimeo. There is already a YouTube video, posted by Old Fart Jim Scroggins. You should be able to easily find that. 

I have to run for now… have a Fly-In to attend this morning! 😬😳😅

Next Thursday is a trip to Arthur Dunn Airpark north of Titusville. I’ll have details in an invite Sunday or Monday. 

Keep the Shiny Side Up! 

Old Fart Roger 

Even with all these aircraft to choose from, picking ”This Week’s Favorite” was easy! Old Fart Ken McKenzie’s 1962 “G Model” Beech 18” (Twin Beech) stands out in a crowd! It is Incredible!!! Ken told me that the aircraft was formerly owned by the Mexican government and was used to haul the President around. Ken has jokingly dubbed it… “Air Force Uno”. I hope everyone got a chance to marvel at this beauty!!! Thanks for bringing it in to share with us Ken!!! 
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