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Old Farts
Arcadia (X06) Recap

from Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Old Farts...

We’ve had some confusion here at Old Farts HQ this morning. (Imagjne that??? 😂) I diligently edited my photos from our visit to Arcadia Municipal Airport (X06) yesterday… Thursday, January 13th. I then moved them into my typical collages of six photos. As a check on myself, I counted the raw photos and the collages. I was short a few in the collages… five or six. Oh Oh!!! After lots of searching, I “think” things are pretty well straightened out… but not perfect. Bottom line answer to the question everybody wants to know… “How many aircraft showed up?”… Best I can come up with is 83!!! 

You’ll see in my photos some rain on the windscreen of my Stearman on the way to Arcadia around 9:00 a.m. There is also a shot of my Inside/Outside Air Temp gauge in the open cockpit. It reads in the 60s. I monitored 123.0 from Okeechobee, while heading west to Arcadia. Nobody in the pattern! I was thinking the day might be a bust. Then the floodgates opened, and we had a near record turnout. It is easily in our top five attendance numbers. Wow!!! 

I made my “Meet N Greet” photo rounds on a bicycle borrowed from the FBO. I chose the girls model for three reasons… a basket for my iPad, no crossbar to repeatedly throw my leg over… and… no crossbar to cause injury to the “man area” should I crash. In my numerous bicycle trips back to Aviation City, the lines at the food trucks never seemed terribly long.  Everyone looked to be enjoying the weather, coffee, donuts, food, ice cream and most of all… the Old Fart camaraderie! 

What a wonderful venue for our group!!! I told our host, airport manager Shelley Peacock, that I wish we could just meet at X06 every week. She makes it easy for me, by lining up the food trucks, organizing everything, etc. By the way, one of our own, Old Fart David MacGregor, was on the airport “quad” ALL day… busily marshaling aircraft, parking them, pushing them back and barking instructions on a handheld. He worked really hard at it, and deserves some serious “Atta Boys”!!! 

You’ll see a photo of Shelley with her 1956 Cessna 172 “Straight Tail”. Not only has Shelley been working hard at making X06 the best airport in the state… she has earned her private pilot license and has purchased her classic 172… “Roxanne”. Congratulations to Shelley! 

We had a few first timers yesterday, along with some former regulars that have been out of the loop for a couple years. Old Fart Herman Bayerdorfer was there in his Enstrom helo. Old Fart Charlie Papworth (our token Brit) was in attendance for the first time since various pandemic travel restrictions have grounded him back in England. Charlie flies a Cessna 172 SP. Nice to see you back!!! 

As usual, there was a large variety of aircraft… though I can only think of one twin in attendance. There were three choppers, several light sport aircraft, lots of RVs and seemingly, an abundance of Bonanzas. I think my Stearman was the only biplane. We did seem to be light on antiques and classics… still, a big variety. Thanks to all who were there yesterday. I’ll say it again… YOU are what makes Old Fart Flying Club the fun and unique “organization” (I use that term very loosely) that it is!!! 

Next week is Homestead (X51). I know it is out there on the fringe of our normal operating area, but we’ve been trying to make this one work for a long time. I’ll have an invite, with details, out on Sunday. 

Again… a HUGE “Thank You” to Shelley Peacock and her crew at Arcadia Municipal (X06). What a great, great job of hosting! 

Keep the Shiny Side Up. 

Old Fart Roger 


My “Favorite” this week was an easy choice. Mike Rinaldi and his son Corbin Clouser flew Mike’s stunning 1946 Piper PA12 Super Cruiser down from Grassroots Airpark. The aircraft is a former Sun N Fun Grand Champion Antique. Mike did not do the restoration, but he keeps the aircraft in absolutely beautiful condition. He is a worthy “Caretaker”!!!  Thanks to Mike and Corbin for sharing this beauty with us! The little Piper looked right at home, parked there in the grass and trees of Aviation City!  
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