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Old Farts
Aero Acres (FD88) Invite

for Thursday, February 24th, 2022… 

Old Farts...

This is IT!!! Here is your invite to the Aero Acres Old Farts gathering. This one is typically the largest event of our season. Last year saw 100 aircraft and 250 for lunch. That said… it is all important that we get your RSVP by no later than 11:00 a.m. on Monday, February 21st! Our caterer needs to place their food order by noon! 

Per person cost for this year’s event is $20.00. We had to increase from $15.00 to cover a multi million dollar, one day event insurance policy. It was required by our HOA… the cost of living in today’s litigious society. That said… the food will be worth it! There will be a choice of BBQ pork or freshly grilled hamburgers. Sides include, collard greens, green beans, baked beans, potato salad, home made cole slaw, dessert cookies and a wide variety of cold beverages! You will not go away hungry! 

Hours for the event are from 9:30 a.m. until the last aircraft leaves. We plan to begin serving food around 11:30 and continue until 1:30. Early arrivals are encouraged. There will be coffee, cold drinks and a few snacks for those looking to beat the rush and judge landings. You may want to pack a bag chair. 

Our runway is 3,150’ by 50’ of newly paved asphalt. There is a parallel grass runway 110’ wide, on the north side. It is good, smooth, firm grass. The transition to the grass is very good. Look out for those runway lights. The grass runway will be CLOSED to all landings for the fly-in hours. All taxi and parking is to take place on the grass. We will begin parking planes as tightly as possible, tailed to the north, on the north side of the grass. Once that is full, we will begin filling in with planes wingtip to wingtip, tailed to the south… on the south side of the grass. We did this last year, and there is ample space for planes to taxi between the two rows. There will be spacing left for access to the paved runway, at both ends and at the middle, of the row parked on the south side of the grass. 

Enter the pattern using normal FAA a approved procedures. A 45 degree approach to the downwind is prefered. Monitor our CTAF of 122.90, announce your intentions, but keep it as brief as possible. There will be someone on the ground to warn of any issues and to help if possible. This person is by no means acting as Air Traffic Control. Keep your eyes out the window, be patient, be courteous and above all… be safe. Out of 100 landings last year, we had just two “go arounds”. Both were well advised, and were the result of limited spacing on final. 

Upon landing, roll on out to the end if you are beyond mid field. Exit to the grass at the end, and look for flaggers to a parking spot. If down, and able to stop by mid field, exit immediately to the grass and taxi back upwind to a spot at the end of the parking line. Watch for flaggers wearing bright vests and equipped with wands. Please bring your tow bar and have it handy for a push back. If you are coming in a large aircraft or have some sort of special requirement for parking, please shoot me an email. 

Helicopters will be parked at the west end… on the grass taxiway that extends to the north of the runway. There will be shuttle vehicles to bring you to the food area. Please send me an email if you are arriving by helicopter. I will help you with whatever special instructions I can offer. 

I will send out a reminder on Sunday. It will likely contain more details, based on a little closer look at the weather, etc. 

Hope to see you at Aero Acres on Thursday, February 24th! 

Old Fart Roger 

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