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Old Farts
Sebring (KSEF) Recap

From Thursday, February 17th, 2022…

Old Farts...

As you can see in the top collage, I had to bore through a line of showers to get to Sebring Thursday morning. That, coupled with winds forecast to over twenty knots and the NOTAM debacle regarding the aerobatic practice box… I figured we’d have a turnout on the light side. I count 65 aircraft in my photos!!! That’s what I get for thinking!!! 

Turbo Eddie D’Arcy told me at lunch yesterday, that it was his 69th birthday. Eddie has been a regularly attending Old Fart, since before I took over the reins, almost nine years ago. Y’all help me to remember his 70th next year. We will have to bring a cake! 

Also above are… Mark Miller and I showing off our lookalike Old Fart shirts… and a great shot of Bill and Paulette Shoemaker taxiing by the Sebring terminal building in their Cirrus. (For Old Farts shirts and hats, see ordering info at the very end of this post.) 

I arrived fairly early, at a little after 9:00. I parked my diminutive ‘46 Ercoupe and off loaded my new toy. Through the efforts of Old Fart Dennis Di Donna and “pass the hat contributions” from many of you, I have a Segway. It will save me from all the huffing and puffing I do each week… chasing up and down the ramp getting my Old Fart photos. This thing is great!!! I feel like a “Mall Cop”! And, the extra few inches of height it adds, makes me feel like I’m about right for my weight! 

The Segway arrived Wednesday afternoon. I immediately unpacked it, plugged it in to charge and headed out to a doctor appointment. When I returned home, I had about an hour of daylight left, and went out to practice. After just three falls, I had it pretty well figured out. Not mastered by any stretch… but able to get around. By the way… at age 72 and 250 pounds… you hit the ground with authority! Trust me! 

This little thing is amazing!!! I packed it in the Ercoupe yesterday morning, and couldn’t wait to hit the ramp at Sebring. Not ten minutes in, a line guy nicely told me that his boss had seen me and couldn’t allow me to cruise the ramp on my Segway. Liability concern was the reason given. Well… that’s just one airport. I’m sure it will get a lot of use down the road. I can’t thank you all enough!!! 

That’s about a wrap for Sebring. Oh, you’ll see a collage of five V-Tail Bonanza rear ends. Easily one of my top ten airplanes… it was a treat to see this many at one event.

Next week, Thursday, February 24th, is our biggest event of each Old Fart Season! That is the Aero Acres Fly-In. FD88 is the Airpark home to Terese and I, along with many other Old Farts. Last year we combined our annual Aero Acres Fly-In with a Thursday Old Farts gathering. This worked great, largely because we can get a pretty close tally for lunch catering… using the RSVP function in both this mailing list, and the one used for our community.

We hosted 100 aircraft and fed nearly 250 people last year. Knock on wood, but Thursday’s weather is looking near perfect. I will be sending an invitation out later today. It will contain details and that all important RSVP button. Our caterers NEED a number from us NO LATER THAN NOON on Monday, February 21. I will need your RSVP prior to that deadline!

Also, at the end of this mailing, are flyers for upcoming flying opportunities. Two of them are slated for tomorrow. 

Thanks again for the Segway!!! 

Keep the Shiny Side Up! 

Old Fart Roger 

I was eyeballing a pretty little Piper Pacer as a favorite for this week. Then Barry Holtz rolled up in his big old Grumman Widgeon. The Pacer has to wait for another week. The original Ranger engines are long gone, and like nearly all (not that many) Widgeons flying today, Barry’s is powered by big, geared Lycomings. Thanks for bringing it Barry! If you didn’t get a chance to look the Widgeon over, it will likely be on the line next week at Aero Acres. 💕
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