Refrigerant Standards, Classifications & Regulations

Refrigerants (natural or man-made chemicals), used in a DX Cycle, are controlled
substances due to
a) high pressures (100 - 400 psi),
b) extreme temperatures (-50˚C to 140˚C),
c) flammability (A1, A2, A3 class) &
d) toxicity (B1, B2 B3 class).

By law,
equipment contains refrigerants, must be handled by certified engineers to:
(see Refrigerant Handling)
C&G2079-11 if A class non-flammable
- & plus C&G 6817-21 if A2L flammable or A3 class flammable/explosive

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* These are as defined by ISO 817 and ASHRAE 34. It must be displayed in any manual (A1 non-flammable, A2L flammable, A3 highly flammable) for continuance identification in all literature and communications as required by Adevertising Standards Authority (ASA) CAP Code.

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