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Saturday 24th September 2022
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Compliance & Mandatory Extra safety measures when equipment* is charged with 🔥 A2L or 🔥+💥 A3 class refrigerants 

Extra compliance & safety measures when:
"Specifying, Supplying, Installing, Servicing or Handling"  equipment* (DX systems in AC/Heat Pumps & Refrigeration) containing A2L (R32)🔥 & A3 (R290, 270, 600a) 🔥+💥 class refrigerants:

  1. Manufacturers, Distributors & Importers to confirm compliance with
  2. I) Statutory Instrument 2016 No. 1107,
    ii) CCPI Code 11 clauses & 
    iii) ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) CAP Code
  3. Manufacturers must have 3rd party certification (CE Ex Certification or UKCA Ex Product Certification) As 🔥 HFC R32 is an A2L class & falls under DSEAR, / ATEX 
  4. Manufacturers must provide Clear 🔥 Warning labels & Alarms for Occupiers, Installers, Building owners, Transport authorities, Maintenance engineers, Fire authorities & Facility staff to be aware.
  5. Installers must have Extra refrigerant Handling Certifications (engineers, storage and transport) such as C&G 6178-21 in addition to C&G 2079.
    (note: can not air freight A2L (R35) or A3 (R290, R600a) charged equipment).
  6. Installers must supply Extra safety materials (Alarms, tools, ventilation, pipes protection, 🔥 warning labels etc)
  7. Installers must allow Extra ventilation during installation, maintenance and transport.
  8. Installers/Specifiers/Main Contractors must allow Special installation spacing requirements for outdoor, indoor & pipework (minimum floor area) 
  9. Specifiers/Main Contractors must perform Special risk assessments per installation  (BS EN378)
  10. Building managers must clearly notify, warn & put in place additional fire risks to users and occupiers. 
  11. Local Fire and Building Control Authorities must be notified of the existence of flammable materials to meet the latest Building Safety Codes 2022(see ARI - UL test)
  12. Occupiers must be made clearly aware of restrictions in some applications where there are flames or sparks present. (e.g. Kitchens, Rooms with open fire including electric heaters computer rooms, etc) (Operating Manuals)
  13. Insurance companies of Manufacturers/Installer/Building disciplines & Occupiers must be made aware that 🔥flammable materials (A2L or A3 class refrigerants) used, (which will entail extra premiums)
The SAFE Solution:

Due to Daikin's forced introduction of A2L 🔥 R32 by manufacturers Cartels blocking the promotion or the sale of current A1 non-flammable R410A in small splits in the UK,

Space Air with 43 years of experience in distribution and technical knowledge has provided a legal and SAFE choice by legally replacing 🔥 R32 with non-flammable R410A.

The CHOICE allows the Supply Chain to serve customers (users) LEGALLY & SAFELY supporting long-term government policy to achieve Zero Target. 
Standards & Regulations when dealing with refrigerants
Do manufacturers comply with  
Building Safety Act 2022     
Vague Recomentions that do  not meet Rthical or Sales & Advertising Standards 
Solution for the Supply Chain to comply 
How do other countries handle flammable refrigerants to protect USERS
Did you know:
a) flammable 🔥A2L R32
(as a single component) is not known or used in North America (USA, CANADA, Mexico etc), South America, Africa, Middle East, etc?
b) 🔥A2L R32 split sales pa represent less than 5% of world total split sales of over 100 million?
c) A2L 🔥 R32
(as a single component) was introduced by Daikin in 2015 (World 1st flammable in domestic & public buildings application) while  A1 class non-flammables were around since 1928. 


✍️ "Important to note that A1 class non-flammable R410A in small splits, is still sold in countries around the world EXCEPT the UK by the Cartel"
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