Supply Chain

The Supply Chain** disciplines must ensure USERS safety, to rebuild confidance and credibility by DEMANDING that manufacturers information meet CCPI 5 acid test to be:

clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous

"I urge the Construction Products Industry to embrace the proposed CCPI- Code for Construction Product Information a code to drive confidence, credibility & integrity in the Supply Chain” Dame Judith Hackitt

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Manufacturers with products containing A2L class🔥 flammable or A3 class 💥 explosive refrigerants must comply & meet:

** Supply Chain disciplines USERS rely on to ensure manufacturers compliance & Extra measures in place:
• Local Authorities, Government Departments & Health & Safety
• Architects/Surveyors
• Specifiers/Consultants & M&E Contractors
Building Facility Managers
• Trade & Industry Associations & Institutes (ACRIB, IoR, FETA [
BRA, HEVAC], HVAC, BESA, CIBSE, RIBA, HHIC, ACTUATE, etc) see British Association
• Distributors & Wholesalers
• Installers/Maintenance & Service companies
• Publishers/Trade magazines, Web & Advertising Agencies
• Insurance companies
• Transport

Grenfell Tower Independent Enquiry Report
(Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng - January 2021)
"It has become even clearer, as more and more evidence emerges of ways in which building safety can be compromised by a) inappropriate product substitution, b) poor installation, c) inadequate classification, d) identification and e) guidance on use, and in a myriad of other ways. It is vital that we take action to rebuild confidence in the **Supply Chain but that will only happen if practices change and the system becomes much more transparent." see explanation relating to HVAC

Explaining the report findings:
a) Inappropriate product substitution: Using flammable refrigerant in the manufacture of cladding insulation and refrigerator coolant for the 1st time without fire certification or reference to fire & safety standards.
Inadequate training: when using flammable materials (a above)
Inadequate classification: ambiguously using flammable materials without clear labelling and warning
Inadequate identification: incorrect or lacking clear indentification of materials used
Inadequate guidance on use: Un-clear, vague and ambiguous user manuals

see Grenfell Tower enquiry.

Supply Chain must ensure manufacturers comply with:

CCPI (result of Grenfell Tower) mandatory information requirements from manufacturers must be:
clear, accurate, up-to date, accessible & unambiguous

Mandatory Advertising Standards Authority compliance & Government Guidelines for all advertisers

International Standards & Regulations relating to refrigerants

Regulation & Qualification when handling, installing, maintaining & Servicing equipment containing refrigerants.
It is against the law to work with F-Gas (refrigerants classified under ISO817 & ASHRAE 34) if you do not have the correct qualifications. You could receive a civil penalty for breaking the law.
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Supply Chain need to challenge manufacturers of products to comply with their own Code of Ethics

Building Safety Act 2022 as a consequence of Grenfell Tower disaster & CCPI

Health & Safety regulations relating to the use of 🔥flammable/💥explosive materials

Updated 17 November 2022 (click here for more info)

CE & UKCA marking - Conformity assessment especially relating to flammable material used in products, namely require 3rd party assessment.

Ensure mandatory measures when Specifying, Handling, Installing, Maintaining & Servicing equipment containing A2L class (🔥flammable) or A3 class (🔥flammable-💥explosive) refrigerants

Vague Manufacturers Recommendations not mentioned in Sales, Marketing, Advertising or Web that do not meet Ethical or Standards

Important facts about refrigerants (a controlled substance) & the DX cycle

How other countries deal with flammable refrigerants

Solution to comply with regulations & protect the Supply Chain and USERS

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