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Christmas & New Year Newsletter

Dear Producer,

Reform is coming and we are pleased that there has been recognition and agreement across the grass-fed beef industry for strong levy-payer representation, engagement and say in how levies are spent. CPA, through our website, blog and social media pages, encourages members to actively engage and communicate with us about ideas and concerns to assist us with advocating and promoting your interests to industry and Government.

The last few months have been productive for CPA as we work hard to build further traction with the industry and improve relationships with industry stakeholders. CPA discussions with MLA have identified potential funding streams for Peak Industry Councils through various revenue sources, if acceptable to Government.  

In October, CPA submitted its proposal to the Modernising The Research and Development Corporation Review Discussion Paper which can be seen at this link: and the media release pertaining to the review can be read at the following link:

Under instruction from Agriculture Minister, Senator Bridget McKenzie, to meet with Cattle Council of Australia and the State Farm Organisations, we were finally able to arrange meetings with CCA and its Board to discuss cattle producer representation and to seek a unified position on a well-funded structure for a reformed Peak Industry Council. See link to our media release: At this meeting and meetings with the SFOs, we highlighted the pivotal role played by the SFOs across Australia in representing the interests of cattle producers on State and Territory issues across the diverse range of geographical areas. We also sought to explore a formalised interaction between the SFOs and the proposed directly elected regional grass-fed cattle producer representative structure as part of this process. Whilst CPA, CCA and the SFO's have all committed to continuing discussions, our meetings to date have not secured a unified position. As was reported in Beef Central during RedMeat 2019, it would appear that CCA has been unable to reach agreement within its own ranks on a reformed democratic constitutional structure.

In our media release in October titled A Better Red Meat Future, CPA endorsed CCA's announcement of its opposition to the Red Meat Advisory Councils 'White Paper' recommendations. Back in early July we publically rejected the White Paper as damaging for the red meat industry and a second statement was delivered by CPA on the MoU Review and again in August CPA condemned the 'White Paper' Proposal. We are pleased with the fact that all the red meat sectors now appear to be rejecting the White Paper.

The ability to identify levy payers and communicate with them will be a critical 'cog in the wheel' for canvassing levy payer opinion with regard to cattle industry representative reform. CPA met with the Northern Territory Cattleman's Association (NTCA) representatives in early December and this issue was raised and mutually recognised as a matter of primary concern that CPA and NTCA should be pursuing co-operatively. The Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Amendment Bill 2018 provisions seek to develop levy payer registers with a view to pursuing engagement strategies which would give primary producers a greater say in how the levies they pay are used and this needs to be implemented as a matter of urgency and in addition, such a levy payer register could have important biosecurity implications.

CPA was pleased to attend the Stock and Land's 'Making Our Voices Heard' in October. Clearly, there are many examples of the benefits of creating democratic grassroots structures to ensure leadership and policy development is evidence-based and driven through the engagement of its membership. See the link to our media release:

CPA has been actively promoting measures to improve price transparency throughout the supply chain and biosecurity systems to protect the Australian red meat industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very pleasant and safe Christmas. We thank our growing membership base for your support and helping us work toward becoming a truly representative peak industry body.  We encourage you to visit our Blog Page to check out our other media releases and pass on information about CPA to your friends and colleagues. Please encourage them to join, as you can see we have much advocacy work to do.
Yours Sincerely,

Dr Paul Wright
Cattle Producers Australia (Implementation Committee)
Dr Paul Wright driving our industry in a new direction!


“Cattle Producers Australia seeks to bring a major focus to the ‘Grass-Fed’
cattle industry and revamp industry communication capabilities to drive forward
policies on the cattle industry on the domestic and export fronts.”
The Late Former National Party Leader Tim Fischer AC
Our Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee (IC) was established in 2015 after the then Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, supported the request from industry organisations that all grass-fed cattle producers who pay levies should have the opportunity to vote and have their say on industry matters affecting them. It was determined that their vision could not be achieved through existing entities and were therefore committed to establishing a new independent, successful and effective leadership organisation. See link to link to background, facts and journey.

Since 2013, there have been two senate inquiries involving the cattle industry, the first investigated the industry structures and systems governing producer levies and the second examined the effect of market consolidation on the red-meat-marketing sector.  Both inquiries supported industry reform. Above all, the recommendations strongly supported the formation of a new transparent and accountable producer-owned body as the sector’s Peak Industry Council.

A report released in 2014 by the Australian Farm Institute, “Opportunities to Improve the Effectiveness of Australian Farmers Advocacy Groups” stated that the Australian farming sector is considered among the least organised in the world and has very few examples of successful collective action. CPA has established a constitution that enables the required change and enables grass-fed cattle producers to control their levies and their future.

About Cattle Producers Australia

Cattle Producers Australia Ltd (CPA) is the new voice on issues that 
affect grass-fed cattle production businesses.

We offer a new era of leadership in advocacy and governance 
for the grass-fed cattle industry.
Our aim is to
  • Become the voice of grass-fed cattle producers and to be recognised representatives, thought leaders and influencers of legislation.
  • Reduce the disconnect of producers with policy and increase grass-roots engagement.
  • Establish a two-way communicating mechanism and a direct connection with our membership.
  • Ensure timely communication and responsive solutions on issues affecting cattle producers.
  • Progress the grass-fed industry via world-best training, education, vibrant and effective, communication using high tech platforms.
  • Work with effective lobbyists and communication specialists.
  • Actively engage with the broader community on farming and societal issues.

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