Agile ecommerce and the future of retail
Heightened consumer expectations and a sprawling digital landscape require retailers to reimagine how they connect product, data and content to deliver the immersive, personalized shopping experiences consumers demand at scale. Digital-first …
Customer Experience, Future Of Shopping, Trends
Social commerce guide
Social media and shopping have been dating for years, but the two officially reached #powercouple status in 2020, thanks in part to a pandemic push. With people spending more time at home—staying connected through social platforms and shopping—the …
Best Practice, Social Media, Trends
The state of personalization 2022
When we released this report last year, it was readily apparent how quickly consumer expectations and behaviors were evolving. As a result of the pandemic, we saw unprecedented and unforeseen growth across digital channels. This has set a high bar …
Customer Behaviour, Personalization, Stats, Trends
How to build brand preference using social behaviors
“Social Listening” is the buzzword of the season… but is it really an effective source of information for leading companies to build their social strategies? Consider this: The #3 most viewed TikTok creator gets below average comments on their …
Best Practice, Customer Behaviour, Social Media, Stats, Strategy
The DTC conversational marketing playbook for ecommerce
This playbook is for marketers who want to know fundamentals of conversational strategy, get best practices in conversational design, and learn how to build, measure and optimize a marketing chatbot. Get a strategic overview of marketing bots, …
Best Practice, DTC, Marketing, Messaging
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