Online shopping habits of the post-pandemic EU consumer
The Covid-19 pandemic, apart from many other things, changed the pulse of shoppers in the EU market. We focus on the European buyers and how their increased shift and dependency on online purchases changed the landscape of online shopping since February 2020. So, who is the post-pandemic EU shopper and what are their priorities? GFS partnered with RetailX for an independently researched...
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Cryptocurrency and its role in retail
Cryptocurrency can feel like another language, but we’ve been here before. If you’re a business owner in the 1990s, you remember being urged to put up a website. It seemed like a potential waste of time: If a customer wanted to find you, they could use a phone book. Apps, artificial intelligence, delivery services — plenty of other developments have...
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Shoppers decide what makes a great in-store experience and here’s what they want
What, exactly, do today’s shoppers want from an in-store experience? The answer is clearer than you might think. When it comes to retail, beauty is in the eye of the consumer. Shoppers ultimately dictate which retailers are hip and profitable, and which decay into costly dinosaurs. As a retailer, you must discern between fads and sustainable trends to remain relevant. Probing consumers...
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A pulse check on shopping habits worldwide
Almost 2 years into the pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated, and shoppers have turned online more than ever before. Many retailers have pivoted to evolve their online presence to meet new shopper expectations online. But does this mean physical stores are irrelevant? Not at all. Our research shows physical stores still play an essential role for shoppers. That said, many...
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Generation Z: Online shopping habits and behaviour
Generation Z, what do we know about them? Who are they?  What are their shopping habits? In this article, we’re going to dive into Generation Z’s world and learn more about them and the new era we’re entering. The future purchasing power is in the hands of the Millennials and Generation Z. Both generations have become a massive commerce opportunity, thanks...
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Instant commerce: Quantifying the long-term opportunity in rapid delivery
Instant commerce (also known as instant needs) fills a gap in the market by providing rapid delivery. With such platforms now established, what does the future hold for this sector? In this Custom Report, we explore the market potential for instant commerce platforms over the next five years. We present insights across the following key topics: • The projected potential size and...
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Micro tracking vs macro tracking – What’s the difference?
Monitoring how your customers move through the buyer’s journey is critical. It helps you understand their behaviors and guides your marketing strategies by identifying the best channels and collateral to focus on. But you need the right data and insights to learn your customers’ (and prospective customers’) path to purchase, so you know what’s working and what’s not. Luth Research tracks the...
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